Wednesday, January 16, 2008

PSI: Page 4

Beaming at you live from Londinium, it's the all new 1000 Words, inspired by daleks, earl grey and bloody big standing rocks.
I'm going to divide this blog in half. The first half will be art and the second half, thoughts, observations and shout outs. I've got a bunch of people I really wanna let know what's going on here. So apologies to all those who came here just for artwork. Just stop before the self-indulgent crap. Those who couldn't give a damn about my art can just scroll down to my rantings.
PSI: page 4
The whole artistic approach of this issue of PSI was to move as fast as the story was written. It's minimal, incorporates photos and is a mixed media spontaneous mess. I like it. It has an immediacy to it that makes it really fun for me.
Those big dollops of liquid on the table are supposed to be tears. Don't even try and guess what they actually look like. Hey, it was 8 years ago! Go easy on me.
I have HEAPS of commissions and stuff to upload. Expect lots of pretty pictures to accompany my rants.
HDD Update: The best place in Melbourne said there's nothing they can do. So I left that village and headed to a real city. I'm hoping London can come to the party on some data recovery. It's just going to COST me. Hell, their service probably comes with mortgage forms. Better give me commissions. =)
FRIDAY: I was up at 730am to accompany my sister, Linda into Melbourne from Daylesford (a small town an hour and a half drive outside Melbourne). I took care of posting commissions and banking. I arrived at Simbo's at 11am where he drove me to St Kilda so I could do my printing for Corey (Deathblow & Grifter), Andrew and Ash (Wolverine). I lamented to the printing place about my lost HDD and they managed to go through their archives and find everything I'd printed with them for the last 6 months. They burnt it onto a dvd for me, and I was blown away. I had lost the psd's to edit, but I at least had printing quality versions of everything. Ater that we headed to Chapel st. where I dropped off artwork to Ash and Andrew (hi guys - I will go into Wolvy more when I post him) and bought more limes and cocktail shakers for everyone who could make the pre-drinks going away.
After a beautiful cafe lunch and drinks, Jay, Mitch, Beau, Nicho, Steve, Lee and Brett all settled back at Simbo's for my homemade mojitos (which rocked all over the cafe's). It was a colourful afternoon of mojito's and raucous debates inspired by the movie DOA as to whether Jaime Presley, Sarah Carter or Holly Valance (my vote) was cuter. We drank hard til 8pm then rushed over to my going away party at Cartel.
I couldn't believe how many people turned up! I should have taken photos. If I had to make a rough guestimate I'd say around 60-70 people turned up. It was unbelievable. I made a rule to myself - don't talk to anyone for more than 10 minutes and try to see everyone. I figured if I ignored everyone equally it would be quite fair. I ran into Jarrod from Classic Comics on Sunday and he said I looked like a madman; manically darting around, sweating profusely, wild eyes and vodka in my hands. Imagine going to a party where you knew everyone! It was wild and I wanted to be in every conversation. Huge thanks to everyone for the drinks and the presents! From there we headed to Q bar which was fun (thanks Rich!). We dragged ourselves home and I think it was around 6am when I got to sleep. I worked out I'd been up for 22.5 hours, drinking for 15hours and had around 18 drinks. Not bad for a little two pot screamer!
SATURDAY: I crawled out of bed around 1pm. I was staying at Simbo's so we dragged ourselves out to lunch and coffee. Much coffee! Did I mention we drank a lot of coffee? Eventually Lee, Steve and Brett rocked up and we had dinner from my favourite takeaway curry place. I booked a table at the Golden Monkey (vodka bar meets Chinese opium den) and we rocked up for drinks. Glenbo, Siobhan, Jacinta, Aurora, Clea, Beau, David and Jel rocked up. I kept sinking the vodka while everyone else tried the assortment of umbrella drinks they offerred.
Soon after we headed off to one of my favourite clubs, the total dodginess which is Deviate. We're talking an alternative metal floor downstairs (everything from Rage Against the Machine and Tool to Alice Cooper and Warrent), and a brilliant dorky 80's and 90's floor upstairs (from the Cure to MC Hammer). More drinking ensued. Finally around 330am I called it a night. I was exhausted. I said goodbye to my friend Kate who hugged me goodbye as C&C Music Factory came on. She grabbed my hand and said, "C'mon. One more dance."
We proceeded to tear up the dancefloor. It was easily the most fun I've had dancing with anyone. Exhausted, but with a massive grin we left the dancefloor to an unexpected applause. Beau commented, "That was the sexiest thing I've ever seen that I didn't have to download."
Here's to ya Kate. Get those dancing shoes on for when I call you out on my next visit back to Melbourne.
The guys and I shuffled back to Simbo's place like zombies after an apocalypse. Water took the place of brains and unconsciousness soon kidnapped us.
27 hours of travelling later and my lovely sister, Linda and I have touched down in London. 8 hours to Kuala Lumpur, 5 hours of standing around before finding a plug for my new laptop (17" Toshiba from from sister and parents! - 2.4ghz dual processor, 2bg RAM it's better than my tower!) then we watched "I am Legend" (thanks Chris and Lyn!) before jumping on a trying flight to London. 13 hours of extreme turbulence (having almost finished season 3 lost I had visions of being trapped on a mysterious island with Evangeline Lilly. I went from crapping myself to actually looking forward to the plane crashing). I watched Bourne Ultimatum (fun!), The Game Plan (I love the Rock!), Balls of Fury (Slapstick fun).
More on London next time! In the meantime I'm sooo-ooo tired.
Thank you for the lovely comments on the last post. I will get to them when my eyes can focus on my keyboard again.
THINGS TO DO: Start that bloody Facebook nonsense.
COMMISSIONS: Still taking them! I will start posting them after the final page of Psi next post.
SKETCHBOOKS: I took a few of them to London, so get in quick.


Anonymous said...

LOL, that's gold. Here's to you, Jas! Enjoy London!

Anonymous said...

Yeah you definitely need to get Facebook! I've nagged you before about all this website stuff, but now FACEBOOK IS A MUST, mmmkay?

- Stef!

The Badowers said...
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The Badowers said...

Holly Valance!? Are you serious? Is it just because she's Australian? I seriously hate that girl! I'd choose Jaime definitely.

The Game Plan looked good, was it? Don't just base your answer on The Rock being in it. Now remember Jason, too much of The Rock leads to bad thoughts!

Ooh, I love the Bourne movies! I haven't seen that one yet, though.

Oh Lost is such a great show!

So does that mean you've started watching Doctor Who now?

By the way, you don't NEED Facebook, this site is perfectly fine! You can show your art off, talk about it and people can express their thoughts on it. I like this site! If you do, however choose to get a Facebook account, then I suggest to just link this site to your Facebook. Then you don't have to blog the same stuff over and over again, saving you time. I can tell you how to do that, if you want.

I know how annoying it can be when people keep telling you to get a this and get a that. My friends keep nagging me about getting a Facebook too. I mean it's nice and all that they want to talk to you, but I mean if you sign up to every site like that then you'd have to be on them all day just to keep up. I mean people who have average lives wouldn't be able to keep up, so with you and all the hard work you do, I can only imagine how full on and crazy your life is, especially now with the HDD disaster.


Ororo_Munroe said...

Sounds like you had a ridiculously good time with your friends. Don't worry Jason, you will make lots of new friends here in the US, and thanks to the marvels of modern technology you can keep up with your friends in Australia. =)

HDD - If all else fails you can wait until you get to the states. We have a few computer geniuses running around the place. Don't give up hope.

... those drops were tears?