Saturday, January 19, 2008



I do wish I had the step by step files, but they're all gone with my hdd. If I should recover it, I will repost this. This is a commission for Lyn for her roleplaying character called Gaia. A very physical elementalist.

Ok, I gotta get this out right away. Those massive boobs are NOT MY FAULT! Here's why:

My first take on Gaia was to make her fairly curvy. For some reason I had it in my head that she wasn't a front-line action sorta gal. I visualised a character more like Crystal from the Inhumans (a more regal and elegant sort). One of the things i like to do is to make my characters as unique as possible. As such, my first take on Gaia made her fairly curvy: big boobs and hips.

Lyn informed me that Gaia is nothing of the sort. She's rough, tough and ready and gets in there on the front line with blazing fists - literally! She asked me to lean her up all over but to leave the breasts. I was reluctant, but hey, the customer is always right!

Unfortunately, Lyn didn't realise how big they'd get once I went in with the shading. But hey, it's a comic book! Let's have some fun! So here is Gaia and her boobs. It's a fun piece and I like the feel of it a great deal. The two circles, with the smaller one above the larger one are supposed to be indicative of a lower case "g" in an abstract stylised sense.

From now on, I send out versions with the character toned so you can see what I see. I skip the lineart phase altogether.


The interesting thing about walking about London is realising the different thoughts and ideas that were inspired in this city. You walk around Melbourne and you know Bram Stoker wouldn't have set Dracula here let alone come up with the count at all. Parkour struggles in Melbourne because it's so wide. London is so incredibly vertical. Winding staircases, multiple levels, ramps and circuitous walk ways. I just look at everything and plan the most direct way through - jumping fences, walls and stairwells. My mate, Beau would love it here!

Today, lunchtime turned into beer o'clock as we met up with my sister's work mates. So these guys are on their lunch break and sink 3 pints of beer each! Now each pint is 568ml so that's about 4.5 stubbies over lunch. What the hell? The left looking exactly as they came in. I forgot to specify the size of the beer I wanted and got served a pint. I got through most of it before feeling a little queasy. Hey, I'd just had breakfast! Go easy.

Chilling that arvo my sister and I headed to the gym that night to begin her massive weight loss endeavour. She's not charging me anything to stay here, so instead my mission is to help her drop the weight she's always wanted to lose. She did great and I'm so excited for her. She's gonna look great and with all the training I've planned I'm going to turn into the most ripped sunavabitch.

I just felt bad cos there were some kids (about 17) working out at the gym and they just had terrible technique. I wanted to go up and say something, but they weren't being dangerous to themselves, just ineffectual. I just didn't think it was my place to say anything.

I was supposed to meet up with JAn last night, but due to miscommunicaation errors and my exhaustion we postponed it til tonight. I can't wait! I'm off to Camden.

COMMISSIONS: Game on! Keep em coming. Now, cos my excel file recording them all got deleted, if I haven't contacted you in the last week about your commission, please email me as it's probably been forgotten!

SKETCHBOOKS: Very few with me here in London. Let me know if you want one.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I'm glad you're enjoying yourself!! That's so sweet to help your sister. ARGH london must be lovely, british accents! *drools* hahaha. I'm still working on those photothingerssss! The art looks lovely, but man those boobs look painful LOL.

- Stef!