Tuesday, May 15, 2007

As an aside...

Here's a bunch of miscellaneous stuff that I thought you might find interesting.

For the Heroes fans:

This was one of the shots I was given for part 4 of War Buddies. It's from episode 21 and shows a seamless bluescreen moment. I giggled when I saw it.

Secondly is a portrait of myself and my favourite angriest writer JAn:


I recommend you start at the top. Have a slow look and just get the feel of what David is doing. It makes the portraits so much funnier. JAn is DEAD ON. I will leave it to other people to assess what they think of my portrait, but I think it's hilariously accurate.

Finally an "interview" with me by my friend Nicola. She wrote this in response to page 8 of the first part. Nicola is Lee's wife and is on my team who check all my art before my editors. I will actually post an actual interview she did with me in the future (regarding my stunt career). You will have to read part 1 to make total sense of this...


"So your power, you claim, is that you can draw the future?"

JB: "Yeah! Except that, like, that's really Isaac Mendez's power. His special deal, y'know. Mine's not quite like that."

"And so you can tell us exactly what yours is like, then?"

JB: "Well, I don't so much draw the future as make it come true!"

"Uh hunh."

JB: "So that's the nutshell. I mean, I can't make the impossible happen, of course. Just influence things, ever so slightly. A nudge here, a bump there. It'd be irresponsible to do anything more."

"Irresponsible. Of course. Much like why you're here, isn't it, Mr Badower."

JB: "Hey now, I still say you're taking things out of context. I didn't know... couldn't know!"

"You didn't 'draw' this happening, did you, Mr Badower. You, sitting here, with us? Otherwise you'd just draw yourself right outta here, isn't that right?"

JB: "Well I can't, now."

"Can't what?"

JB: "Can't draw the future. I drew myself out, you see. So I don't have the powers any more."

"... You drew yourself out?"

JB: "Is there an echo in here? Yes. I drew myself in. For the kiss. Ahhh, and such a great kiss it was too. Totally worth it, if you know what I mean. And so when I drew myself into Heroes, I turned myself into a hero. I gave myself the powers, right? But I drew myself out. So now I don't have the powers. I don't know what will happen next."

"Uhhh. I... see. Well, regardless of your so-called 'powers', you still need to tell us something, Mr Badower. Tell us how you knew about the intimate details of Project S---?"

JB: "Project what?"

"Don't play coy with me, Badower! You even drew the details on the gantry! Down to the last nut and bolt!"

JB: "... I have no idea what you're talking about."

Formal recommendation: Subject remanded in custody of the Chinese government, pending either demonstrable proof of his 'powers' (at which point he is to be conscripted to Branch X) or he reveals his source.


Leshia Doucet said...

Damn you. I should be sleeping right now. Instead, I'm staying up until the wee hours of the morning to read the comic as soon as it's live. Dammit.


Leshia Doucet said...

Made it. Was more than worth the wait. Really, really awesome stuff. Details on all that I loved and coherence tomorrow. Sleep now.


THE Bald Bob said...

Unfortunately, I work from 6pm-1am here in the States, so I get my sleep past 7am. Saw the GN, great work. Like how you're making out with Hana, you devil (she has a nice ring too). Awesome likenesses of Bennet...all the different angles for him are wonderful. The overload in Alaska was truly amazing...excellent work my friend. Looking forward to your behind-the-scenes take on the whole thing.

RyanGibsonStewart said...

Jason, thanks for the shoutout. I'm honored. Really very nice.

I'll comment more later.

AcidBurn133 said...

*pics jaw up off of floor*
Incredible work, Jason! Just.... wow. The coloring is amazing, especially the snow! It looks very cold, lol. Your likenesses are spot on, too - there's no mistaking glasses-less Bennet!
I got to the club pages and was like, "Hey! Jason's making out with Hana!", so nice self portrait :) Congrats on an awesomely awesome job well done!

Rinibini said...

Amazing is all I can say!! You did a fantastic job on both the art and color. The likenesses are spot on. There is absolutely no mistaking any of the characters. In fact even their body language, like Ted and Matt in the playground, are perfect. LOVED the fact that you drew yourself into the comic at the club... it's a great likeness of you. I can't wait to see next weeks final chapter.

Rinibini said...

Oh, and I just took a second pass and have to mention all the extra special touches you put into the comic. Nathan's ad on the taxi, Hana's earings and ring with the sign, and The Corinthian sign by the club. Very cool! The only part I didn't like was the To Be Continued....

jasonb said...

leshia: Thank you! Get some sleep! Lemme know what you think when you've arisen from your coma.

baldbob: Hahahaha! C'mon! Wouldn't you?

Ryan: I'm glad it made it in, and they didn't ask me what RGS on the club on page 8 was! LOL!!! Seriously, it was the least I could do.

acid: I had fun in the snow! My likenesses get better in the next part. Only Niki suffers in one panel.

rini: Not many people think about the body language, but it's something I (and you!) pay great attention to. Ryan helped me out with all the ads. =)

The Polsons said...

HAHAHAHA! I thought that was you kissing Hana!! LOL You sly dog...8-)

Everything was awesome, except... (sorry...) I didn't like the coloring in the park scene with Ted & Parkman, especially Ted's "gun" hand. But you know I'm only being brutally honest as one artist to another trying to be helpful through a different set of eyes... Don't kill me! 8-)