Wednesday, May 30, 2007

HANA PART 1: Eleventh Heaven

Here's the page... which you've seen.

I've used all my creativity and energy coming up with a crap title that doesn't mean anything.

Lemme actually write a post tomorrow when I feel human.

Ok, went to bed at 430pm yesterday, slept til 7am. Not a bad innings. Thanks to everyone for all the tips and well-wishing. Let's try this again.

The main thing I had to contend with on this page was justifying how 5 no-name guards could creep up on "super-soldier/spy" Hana. I guess she has a history of getting caught while on missions. =)

Anyway, I decided to play the first panel from the guard's point of view and really emphasize Hana's contemplation of the rocket. The second panel is just a cut from the second page, the recurring image that Aron asked for in the script.

The final panel was a lot of fun. I think it's a decent likeness of Hana. It's quite a comprehensive panel given how simple it was to draw.

One of the things that I'm a huge pedant of is making sure that people of different races and backgrounds look like they should. While I'm half asian myself I've mainly drawn white people. So a small amount of research was required to find some asian gentlemen who could be my Chinese soldiers.

COMPETITION: Geoff has now foreited his coveted second prize, and it now falls to ACIDBURN133. Acid, would you like to submit two suggestions as to who you would like, please? Email me at Soon as I have Acidburn's entry I will get started on these.


Rinibini said...

awwwwwwwwwww.... feel better soon. Drink some tea with honey and just rest! You've had a long couple of months and you need to take care of yourself!!!!

AcidBurn133 said...

I agree with rinibini - that's always the best 'get better' recipe, lol.
Great work on this page - I really love that close up of Hana, and did I mention the colors? Beautiful. The lighting, too. Just amazing.
I'm looking forward to the whole post, but not at the cost of your health (or, perhaps, sanity. being sick=/=fun) Take care!

delusions_of_grandeur said...

I also agree with rinibini...nothing like a good cup of tea with honey, chicken soup, and lots of rest, to ward off sickness. I just remembered that you folks in the southern hemisphere are getting ready for winter...ugh!

Feel better, OK?


ryangibsonstewart said...

Man, when you're sick, you're cranky.

Feel better soon. :)

The Polsons said...

See? I said tea too!

Willow sad. SuperJason sick. Sick bad. Me wish me could fly, take care of SuperJason.

Peppermint tea and a multivitamin! Seriously!

jasonb said...

rinibini: It's been rough. You could sleep in the bags under my eyes.

acidburn133: Thank you for commenting on the lighting. While I hate my colouring, I love my lighting. I have no idea if that makes sense.

delusions: Fresh chicken soup woulda been great. I only had the canned stuff. Parents are away in the country, so I'm toughing it by myself. Yeah, it's winter here. But only rain and more rain.

ryan: LMAO!!! You wanna see cranky? Get me up on a cold morning. =)

polsons: I managed the multivitamins. And your positive energy helped more than if you'd eaten Nathan's brain and flown over here.