Thursday, May 24, 2007


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Ok, here we go!

THIRD PRIZE: devin was close being the first to mention Nathan grabbing Peter and flying him up. But Devin suggested that Nathan flies him to Nebraska - which I'm pretty sure is wrong. Sorry Devin. I was looking for more detail and found a good enough from DrDX. But he was then trumped by Karathephantom who supplied a chillingly accurate prediction of all the other details. WINNER: Karathephantom RUNNER UP: DrDX then Devin

SECOND PRIZE: So Acidburn133 hit the feudal Japan thing first. But then Ryan came in with the perfect details, but I gotta say buddy - only one guess per person and you'd already guessed! (but you still get automatic 4th place). But I think it was Geoff Schweiegert who mentioned the Japanese army - which is close enough. so... WINNER: geoff schweiegert RUNNER UP: Acidburn 133 then Ryan Gibson Stewart

I gotta ask: theBaldBob - how the hell did you know? Did you see a copy of the pinup?

FIRST PRIZE: While the ghost in the machine thing was first mentioned by rayne, the exact circumstances of her death was a little way off. pngau scored for their terrifyingly accurate prediction! Vox also was pretty damn good, but it was Pngau who had a terrifyingly accurate prediction. WINNER: pngau, RUNNER UP: Vox.

Here's what I'd like from the winners...

Email me with your handle at: within a week. If I don't get an email from you, the runner up wins your place instead.

Select a MAIN character (I'm not drawing Mr Muggles or Mohinder's buddies in India) and include a description of what you'd like to see them do. An example might be, "Sylar levitating all the broken glass before he stabs Peter telekinetically." or "Niki looking into the mirror and seeing Jessica pointing a gun at her." The more conservative you keep it, the closer the final picture will be. I reserve the right to say "no" to any picture. I will also not draw any nudity or pron. Let's keep this a family show, ok?

FIRST PRIZE: Pngau - pick one character.

SECOND PRIZE: geoff schweiegert - pick two characters (in case pngau picks one of them)

THIRD PRIZE: Karathephantom- pick three characters (in case pngau and geoff pick two of them)

FOURTH PRIZE: Ryan (for all his help!) pick four characters in case the others pick three of them.

INCLUDE: A mailing address in your email. I'd like to mail you an A3 print of the image signed by moi!

Thank you everyone for entering! I tell ya, I'm blown away by how good some of you are. I'm disturbed by some of you, and amused all round. =)

ps and no Lee... you can't enter. =)


HERO said...

Congrats to the winners and runners-up for the creative answers, and thanks Jason for providing an opportunity for us to see/obtain original, customized artwork by you! I'll definitely be sending you a mailing address so I can pay for some of your prints! How fun!

Kelly J. Compeau said...

Horay and congrats to all the winners. What a fun contest.

Oh, Jason, you've just been tagged with the "Ten People You Meet for Dinner" meme. Not quite sure what that means? It's a fun little game that bloggers play with each other. Basically, you have to post your version/your thoughts and opinions about the subject at hand on your blog, then tag five other bloggers (or at least one other).

Check out my blog for more details.

Have fun. I look forward to seeing the results!


wolfbro7 said...

Congrats to the all winners!

Thanks Jason for having such a cool contest and like everyone, I'm looking forward to what the winners want you to draw. I can't wait to see the results.

PS: I'm pretty sure theBaldBob saw the spoiler picture that was released 5-19-07 of Hiro in the past. ;)

wolfbro7 said...

Edit to above post: The url's were too long, lol

Rinibini said...

congrats to all the winners!!!! Obviously I was way way off! It was still loads of fun to try and I thank you for giving us this opportunity.

ryangibsonstewart said...

This image was released on May 19. Bob and I both saw it, so of course we have to recuse ourselves.

Great contest, Jas -- you have such a way of involving fans. Must be because you're such a fanboy yourself.

I'll email you with a few ideas. :)

pngaou said...

I am super excited about the results! Thank you so much Jason for giving us the opportunity to do something like this, especially with how busy you are. Very, very cool of you. :)

rayne said...

damn i had some great character ideas so i will post them here.first was sylar holding a brain in one hand n' fighting off zombies with his other hand cutting them in half with tk.brainsssssss!!!2nd was micah controlling a big robot an iron giant type of robot.3rd was d.l. getting sucked down a ghost buster trap while trying to phase through a wall

THE Bald Bob said...

Ha, that's why I said I cheated. Ryan linked to what I saw. I took a swing, that's all that mattered haha. As always, awesome job.