Friday, May 18, 2007


God, I know I'm going to get in trouble for this one, but here goes.

I'm heading to San Diego, and I know people are going to want me to draw sketches of the HEROES characters. The problem is, it's a logistical nightmare doing likenesses. Batman? Wolverine? Sure! No problemo. Ali Larter? Adrian Pasdar? Whoo boy. I'm so hit and miss under pressure. So instead of some people getting a decent picture, and some getting a crap one, I've decided I'm not going to draw any HEROES sketches at the con.

So here's what I'm going to do instead. I'm going to draw a bunch of original HEROES portraits and hand them out instead. I'm going to charge US$1-$2 - whatever the price of the photocopying is. This is a non-profit making endeavour as I don't want to be hassled for likeness rights from the actors or NBC. This is just supposed to be from a fan to the fans. It's one per person per time in the queue. Want another? Jump back in the queue.

And here's the thing: you guys can tell me who you want me to draw and what you want them doing.

So here's how it's going to work:

I'm going to ask three questions for first, second and third prize. First prize gets to pick which character they want drawn first, second prize second, and third prize... third. I will only draw each character once and requests must be within reason. Eg. I want Nathan standing in front of the entire crowd in "5 Years Later" is gonna get you a picture of Nathan. Here's an example of Peter Petrelli ( I really wanted to draw him). So he's out. Pick someone else. =)

Obviously, I won't accept any entries after 9pm when HEROES screens. First and second prize are revealed when the comic is uploaded. Third prize when the final episode goes to air. Each person can only enter once.

The most accurate entry wins each category. In case of two identical entries, the prize is awarded to the earlier post.

All winners are at my discretion. Beware my sense of humour and nerdiness for details.

So if you have no idea where Hiro ends up, but you've got a good theory on the exploding man, go for that!

Ryan - you get a instant fourth prize - in case you don't win 1st, 2nd or 3rd. I couldn't have done all my work without your help.

I'm giving all my regular readers a 24 hour headstart before I post this on the 9th Wonders Forum. Your time starts... NOW!



Rinibini said...

Jas, can you repost your picture of Peter as it's not loading properly and I've tried on three different computers at different times. I'm sorry I live no where near the con as I would have loved to meet you. When you're in the DC area let us know!

rayne said...

if you're a contest winner can he or she get a sketch of the character they vote for u to draw

jasonb said...

rini: try again. Does it work now?

rayne: I'm tempted to actually mail out first, second and third place prints of the images signed by me.

Rinibini said...

Yup.... LOVE IT. I'm so sad that I won't be able to get a copy as I'm no where near the con. Any way to pay for the copy and shipping costs once you get back home to get them shipped to me in Baltimore, MD?

Anonymous said...

Ahem... Shirtless Nathan about to blast off in Episode 5?

RyanGibsonStewart said...

Yeah, so I'm really hoping I win because I have the awesomest idea for a picture. But I'll keep my secret to myself as long as Jason does. :)

jasonb said...

rini: thanks mate! I went for the red, as Peter has the red flames in 5 Years Later.

anon: Sure! Win and you can request it.

Ryan: I'm sure it is... I'm sure it is. =)

The Polsons said...

I was in Whittier for CalProg on Friday night and too exhausted to remember to check your blog. :cry: I'm also supremely bad at guessing things like this.

Question: If the winners will not be at ComicCon, will you be mailing or emailing their artwork out? I'm a little confused at that. Because if you must be present at ComicCon to win, there's no point in my entering.

dj-anakin said...

I'm also curious about the winners not being at the con. Will you ship? Would the winner pay for it [I'd surely pay if I won]. WOuld they be signed?

Also, what con is this? ComicCon? When? Thu, July 26 - Sun, July 29

Thanks. Love the site, and your art is amazing! I've added some of it as the banner to, if you don't mind. [If you do, please email me]