Sunday, May 13, 2007

HANA part 2: Why you no love us?

Sorry about the lack of posting. I have a valid excuse.

Tuesday I handed in the final page of part 2. It really felt like a weight had been lifted off my back. In my exuberance I organised a "Jas-Has-Finished-Heroes and-Wants-To-Rejoin-The-Human-Race" party for Friday night. I was planning a massive night, and resurfacing sometime saturday to stumble around with a killer hangover. My goals for Saturday were to barely be able to play Lord of the Rings Online and do my laundry. Noble and lofty goals.

I was so proud of the final page, I also sent it to Aron Eli Coleite to see what he thought. I lamented that we hadn't been able to work together. He corrected me by saying that it was him who wrote "The Death of Hana Gitelman" (I never find out who wrote the scripts until I see them online). So that was awesome. He loved the page, and asked me why I coloured it with a monochromatic pallete (it was originally a burnt sienna. The idea was that it was to look like it was only lit by the light of Heroes eclipse.) My reasoning was two-fold:

a. I looked at the Phil Jimenez pinup and found that it looked a little messy because of all the conflicting scenes and characters. I'm not a colourist by vocation and thought I wouldn't even try to attempt what that colourist had done. I felt the monochromatic pallette would help blend everything together better.

b. I was really pushed for time. I had already spent around 11 hours on this page.If I had individually coloured everyone and everything I would never have made the Tuesday deadline.

I did offer that if he could get me more time, I would be happy to colour it. That was Wednesday. Thursday night the email comes back from Aron saying, "I've bought you more time."

This was followed by an email from Frank (my illustrious editor) saying, "Take the time that you need. I will make the deadline work somehow."

So Friday was colouring day. And it looked like Saturday was going to be colouring day too. The irony of my party was delicious. Amazingly enough, the colours just fell into place. I saved the file (yes I've learnt my lesson) and spent another hour trying to find a different creative direction. I developed what I felt was a great second option. I loaded the first one to compare the two and see which one was better. They were identical. So I uploaded it and ran off to work and then out partying - conscience free!

Thanks to everyone who made it such a fun night.

I would still loved to have seen what Annette would have done with it. There's even a bit of me that's considering paying Annette to colour it.

Then I've been in the country all weekend visiting my parents. It's Mother's Day... so happy Mother's Day, Mum! I love you!


RyanGibsonStewart said...

It's very exciting, isn't it? I'm glad you were given an extension, but I'm sorry your party was ... overshadowed. Hopefully now you can rejoin the living as well as receive accolades for your work. Can't wait to see what you have to say in a few days. :)

AcidBurn133 said...

Ooh, awesome eyes! Hana, I presume?

Anywhoo, I can't wait to see part 1 on Tuesday morning! It sounds like it's going to be amazing. I'm glad you got to color the final page, as well - Monochrome is always cool, though. Will you be uploading that one after part 2 comes out? I'd really love to see it :)
Congrats on the accomplishment, I'm sure you'll make the comic fans proud come Tues. morning ;)

Shelley said...

and just wow.
i cant believe someone from melb is behind this one (among others o course). has anyone told you yet how hot it is that an australian artist is behind this particular novel?
its hot.
must also be nice to have your life back - for awhile - and have such an accomplishment on your shoulders.
by the way, its hot.
daaamn hot.

Flit said...

Woot! damn cool. I can't wait to see them. I've been buried in essay land the past while, so i've only just caught up. :( at the writers for giving away the title, but I suppose, they're the writers, can't really scowl at them too much when they've given us such fantastic stories.

But this is so great, I pull my head out of my essay in time to read the first part of your comic guilt free. It's just going to be great. :D

And I heard that they're going to be running comics through the break, are you getting in on that, or are they just going to let you recover from your last two before they go "now while you're there..." because I just can't see why they wouldn't want you to do at least one of them, considering they've trusted you with these two.

Dreaux said...

Hana? can only guess by what looks like code floating around her face?
intriguing...qbqb...record...wonderwhat that means.
Tomorrow feels soooo far away!

Kelly J. Compeau said...

No rest for the wicked -- the wickedly creative and talented, that is.


AcidBurn133 said...

Only a couple of hours to go! I was hyping it in the live chat on tonight, lol. Most of those guys had no idea your blog existed, but I think they do now :) Can't wait to see Pt. 1!

jasonb said...

ryan: im back and kicking. and I got to have fun at Nine Inch Nails sunday night.

acid: I will upload the monochrome when it comes out. I will upload as much support material as possible. I might even do the actual comic script page by page. And thanks for giving them the heads up. I will make the blogging experience as rich as I can!

Shelley: *blush*! *fans face* And it's great to have my life back. It's been slightly sullied by lack of attention though. Wait - that's my kitchen.

flit: i hope it's reward enough! Good luck with it. I had heaps of fun. And as i've said, the second part is BETTER! I'm sure I will get more work, but I have to balance it with my graphic novel commitments.

DRDX: I will explain the code when the second part goes up.

KJC: awwww! Thanks! I'm so pumped, I'm already launching into my graphic novel.

Nat N Paul said...

THis was one of the more beautifully illustrated novels. Congrats on such a great job doing the art on this!

jasonb said...

thanks Nat and Paul! Hope you enjoy the second part as much.