Thursday, May 03, 2007

HANA part 2: The End Is Nigh!

I was going to post some of the behind the scenes images they sent me for War Buddies. But as I took a closer look at them, I realised they're from episode 21. Ah well. Guess they have to stay in the vault for now. I will post them later. Someone remind me, ok?

I've almost finished page 6, so that makes this pretty much half way. I'm going to sprint it home over the weekend. I'm planning on leaving 2-3 days for the final page. I really want to take some time with it. I want to create something that people will want. I want an image that will sum up the first season like nothing else. Ideally I want something that would make a kick-ass poster for people. I just have to talk to them to figure out if they want to distribute something like this. I've got some mad ideas.

What I am looking foward to are the screen shots from the final episode - no you can't see them. Don't even ask. =)

I really want to get the brain ticking as early as possible for this final page. It's going to be a kicker. Everything I've got left in the tank I'm going to vent on that page. I'm especially looking forward to drawing Peter, Nathan, Claire, Mohinder, DL and Hiro, and I get to take another shot at Sylar. I also get to draw Parkman, Niki and Mr Bennet (no I won't call him HRG) - but I've drawn them already.

I'm also planning some easter eggs. So keep your eyes peeled!

Also, as soon as I hear about the comics during the break, I will let you know.

ps You can salivate over Hana in my comic all you want. I did *not* model for her. I wouldn't dare - I just don't have the legs. I managed to get female photo reference for her. So all is good in a non-cross-dressing sorta way.


AcidBurn133 said...

Oh Jason, how much do you rock? These mystery people are so... mysterious!!

I almost think this newest pic is *definitely* someone from the Petrelli clan. As for the random Jewish woman, someone from Hana's lineage, perhaps? But then again, Jewish doesn't necessarily mean Israeli, as she's kind of reminding me of Angela Petrelli? *sigh* I give up. lol.

And need I mention, my other half (the fangirl one that's escaped the mirror), is dying (or would that be killing? haha) to see Peter, Mohinder, and Sylar! lol. I was wondering when we'd see your take on Peter.. :) As for Nathan, I'm sure he'll be perfect based on your adaptation of Adrian Pasdar for Papa P. Sylar was amazing in Road Kill, and you seem to get better with every page, so I have no doubt that he'll be awesome, too!

As for the final page as a poster: Sign me up! I would get one in a *heartbeat*, and I haven't even seen it yet! lol. You sound really excited about it, though, so I'm sure it's going to be pretty kickass.

Hope everything goes smoothly from here on out, mon ami, and I can't wait to see Part 1!

Sabre said...

Re: final page as a poster...

My thoughts are running and treating it similar to the final page of War Buddies #6... in the next comic, it was released as an easter egg... it was a PDF file, without the text boxes... Maybe something similar could be done for your page?

The Polsons said...

Ooooh! Cross-marketing! Clever... Heeheehee....

The fanboys/girls shall inherit the ultimate coolness of the Earth! Ha! In your face, popular kids!!

Flit said...

yes... but there are still the photos of you as a 10 year old Au Co lying about, isn't there? I suppose that's a little less disturbing.

I wouldn't expect anything less from you, but I'm so glad you're taking your time on the final page. I love the highly detailed big sweeping pages, so to have the last heroes as that will be brilliant.

11 days. I suppose I'll have to fill up the time with writing that essay... heh, I kid myself...

Rinibini said...

I don't think I can wait till the 14th to see the first round let alone another till the 21st to see this one.

Your artwork is amazing and I'm sure the last page will be fantastic! I love the poster idea... maybe it could be included with the DVD purchase or something like that?


CurlyMarie said...

Go Jason! You're in the home stretch! The winner's circle is in sight! :)

I love that you are giving everything you've got to this work. I know it's really going to pay off. Again, this is the reason they chose you!

And the poster idea...brilliant. I hope they can work something out to make that available. (You know we're all going to be printing it out at home from the PDF comic anyway!)

Keep up the great work. I will be receiving my master's degree on May 14, so I intend to view Part 1 as my personal graduation present. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jason,

just wonder if we are somehow related. However its funny to see your familiename on the other side of the globe. greetings from Berlin. Yakob Badower

jasonb said...

acidburn: Good guesses. You're kinda right...

sabre: I'm pitching that they use it for the cover if they ever collect these as a graphic novel. =)

polsons: rise of the nerds! Rise my fellow geeks! They're entering OUR world now!

flit: lmao! Disturbing is in the eye of the freak. And I make a hawt ten year old girl! As I always say, "It puts the lotion on its skin..."

rini: you can't wait? I'm DYING here!

curly: congrats! we will celebrate together!

yakob: NO way!!! My dad was born in Munich. I'm SURE we're related. My Grandfather came from Germany/Poland and came to Australia after being liberated from Auschwitz. Email me at I'm sure my dad would love to speak to you.

Flit said...

How about you post the pics of you as a 10 year old girl and us freaks can decide which is more disturbing... :P

The Polsons said...

That's right buddy! We're through the looking glass here! LOL

(And I'm joining the flit fan club... ROTFL)