Monday, October 15, 2007


I have just had the biggest convention of my life. First up, I really want to thank Bill, the organiser of Armageddon, and Carissa, the guest wrangler.

When I heard of Armageddon, I sent Bill an e-mail asking if I could be involved. I showed him what I'd done, and he invited me along. On their web page I was placed on the Australian guests page and I was really excited about it.
(Here's me signing my first ever comic - Anthology. Photo by Scott Pollard)

Another huge thanks to Bill for sitting me right next to the special international comic book guests. I was really honoured. The guests on my left included:

Amanda Conner – Artist on Terra, Green Arrow wedding, The Pro, JSA Classified.
Jimmy Palmiotti – writer on Countdown, Painkiller Jane and inker extraordinaire.
Gail Simone – Writer on Wonder Woman, Deadpool, Birds of Prey.
Nicola Scott – Fellow uber-Aussie artist on Birds of Prey

To my right was Jason Rand writer of Image's Small Gods and Hellios. To his right was Doug Hollgate, artist extraordinaire. Another thanks to Jason Rand (Carissa's fiance) for his patience, support and cheerfulness over the course of the weekend.

As you can see, I was in some pretty esteemed company. I put up my HEROES artwork and a big sign that said, "Jason Badower HEROES artist: Free sketches" expecting the turnout that I did in San Diego. To be honest, I actually expected to listen to crickets while watching tumbleweeds roll by. I thought I would be flagging down friends to stand there and make me look busy.

I didn't really expect anything. In fact, I had no idea what to expect. For the Aussie fans I wanted to do something pretty special. So I compiled all my HEROES artwork as well as some other stuff into a 12 page 200gsm (card) sketchbook. The guys at Eplot printed up this beautiful booklet at the last minute. I decided to only get 50 printed. They weren't cheap and I didn't want to be sitting on a hundred booklets. What was I going to do with them? Put them under short table legs? Hold open doorways?

Above is the cover. It was twice as impressive in real life thanks to the beautiful printing. As I didn't own any of the printing rights to the artwork I sold it for $10 barely getting my money back.

No one expected, what came next.

My queue on Saturday was two and a half hours long. I was taking about six minutes per sketch. I started out on an A4 sketchbook with full inks. Eventually, I ran out of sketchbooks. I borrowed one of Nicola's and I finished that. I then bought an A5 sketchbook off a kind fan and almost finished that. I ended up totalling 76 sketches for Saturday. That's more than I did over the entire 4 days of signing at San Diego Comic Con!

Here's where I have to thank Carissa. Her job is to look after the guests. Especially the special international guests, including those four heroes of mine I listed above. At one stage, Carissa tapped me on the shoulder and pointed at the huge line in front of me that was blocking traffic and asked, " When the hell did this happen? I am supposed to be looking after those guys!"

I just shrugged and said, "I have no idea, but it's awesome isn't it?"

She shook her head and made up a sign saying, "End of Line - come back at 2:30pm" which is when she decided I needed to have lunch. I think she needed a break as much as I did. I'd been there sketching solid since 9am. I took lunch at 2:10pm and was back at it at 2:30pm and finished at 6pm.

It was an incredible experience.

To those who missed out on sketchbooks, I will be printing more up for the Comics R Us signing on:

Friday the 9th November 12-2pm city (call 03 9663 8666)

Saturday the 10th November 12-2pm Chapel st (call 03 9510 1584)

Obviously, I will also be doing sketches on both those days. Matt, the owner of Comics R Us said that if there's a good turn out, he's happy to have me well after 2pm. So turn up, grab the new HEROES graphic novel and get it signed. It's filled with stories that are written by the show's writers and part of the continuity of the show. I drew about a quarter of them.

The first sketches had the widest variety for me. Most of my sketches were of HEROES characters, punctuated by some fun comic book stuff and portaits.

This Hiro is for Lynn (forgive me if I spelt your name wrong). Her partner, an old friend of mine, Chris and her saved my bacon on Sunday as I forgot my camera! They lept into the fray with their cameras and helped me out.

Next up was Killeroo. What a wonderful surprise to go back and draw this character! Now, I'm trying to remember, but this guy might have actually requested Superman rather than getting it pressed upon him by me. This kid asked me to draw whatever I wanted, so I asked him to guess. I had drawn about 3 lines (eyes and mouth) when he said, "Batman!". Damn little psychic! Another Hiro for this little dude. A similar shot to Lynn's as I really liked it. A Batman for this gentleman (new angle!). A very grumpy Captain America (he doesn't like being dead) a Super-Saiyan Goku (he brought his own reference - but I grew up on Dragonball). And then a mean ol' Sylar.


Jimmie Martin said...

Me and my gal missed out at the expo - you had a massive queue going both days.

We'll just make the effort and see you on the 9th, I need to pick up some other books anyways.


Stef {Lilithia} said...

I saw the people holding up the sign so I came back later. I'll come on the 9th... :)

- Stef {with an F!}

Stef {Lilithia} said...

By the way! What's so great about blogspot. :( Livejournal has communities!

I suggest you get livejournal!

Demonight said...

Thanks for the 'mean ol' Sylar sketch' mate!! Your work is awesome!

WinMusicWin said...

Big fan! Keep up the amazing work! Just bookmared your blog :)

Digital Deviant Studios said...

hey jason con was awesome and to be frank ur sketches were insane. peeps in the line were sayng u shoulda had ur own area!! thanks a bunch for the Flaming claire pic. freaken kick ass.

see ya at Comics R us


jasonb said...

Jimmy: sorry I missed you. Swing by on the ninth and say hi.

Stef: LOL! you want me to move 210 posts to LJ? I don't want communities, I just want to show and tell people about my art. =)

demonight: Hey man! Glad you liked it! Thank you for waiting!

winmusicwin: Thanks Luis. Keep dropping by.

digital deviant: Thanks Sebastian. The pic is coming up. I saw it in the list. I don't think anyone expected that reception for me. Least of all me! Seeya at CRU!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Ando sketch Jason ^_^

Well worth the wait :P

Digital Deviant Studios said...

heheh, next time dude just tell the organizers.. look guys.. shits gonna get crazy.. im gonna need my own area or my lines gonna become a fire hazard!

Stef {Lilithia} said...

Noooo I just wrote a nice reply & my internet timed out on me. DAMN YOU INTERNET.

As I was saying before, yes definitely get Livejournal. It's pretty much the main journal area, you can also use it for art stuff, but I suggest NOT ditching this one, but instead at LJ to mirror what you write on here.

It wouldn't hurt to, because that way you'd get a response from those over there as well as on here as well? I don't know if I'm making sense to you. Am I?

Regarding the convention, did you enjoy yourself? Did you get to buy anything at all & meet anyone? I'm poor now... but I don't regret it!!

Oh also you should get a deviantart account if you don't have one already, it's an art folio site to showcase your art & easy to use!! When you get it friend me there. :D YAY.

Okay enough babble from me....

Stef {Lilithia} said...

Oh deviantart is the perfect place to show people your art. :p {just stating this because I'm pretty sure you might come up with some excuse NOT to join it. lazzzyy.}

elniƱo said...

hi jason, missed the chance to meet you at the expo, but will also try to make it at CRU like many others. despite that, you saved the comics segment for me as I watched on the sidelines. gail and jimmy were not accommodating at all (i was not a happy-chappy).

anyway, you've upped the notch with your artwork, mate, compared to when i saw you at Supanova in Sydney a couple of years ago. your Heroes samples yell out IT's CLOBBERIN' TIME!

Simon Adams said...

Hey Jason,

Haven't seen you in years. Not since the days at the Stork with Wolfgang and Kevin (and the rest) drooling over Kingdom Come and the Bat classics. Superman still bites, BTW...

Saw your signing line at Armageddon on Saturday. Would've hassled you, but you seemed a little swamped. Mitch was telling me about your upcoming big move. Glad to hear you're doing so well with the artwork.

Anyway, good to see you from a distance. Next time, I'll remember to bring a rifle scope. ;)

Simon Adams

Ron said...

OMG!!! Congrats on your success..
we, the SArmy give you mucho kudos :) -
Sheindie (SArmy member #49)

Lorie said...

Hey Jason! Hahahaha I loved reading your review on armageddon -- it made me laugh, specially the bit about the crickets, considering i was in that line and it was definitely the exact opposite!

<3 Lorie [hahaha. i was dressed as padmae, from star wars, if you remember me. you gave me $20 to find you some backing boards and told me the story about your heroes necklace :P]

jasonb said...

anon: The Ando sketch? I'm glad you liked it, but I thought it was a travesty! When I post it, I guess everyone can judge it then.

ddstudio: LOL!!! The only way I could have known is if I'd had a crystal ball!

Stef: Hmm.. how easy is it to mirror through LJ? I might ask my friends. But I don't need a Deviant site. I've got this! I don't have all day to sit on blogger, facebook, LJ, Myspace and Deviant. I had to pick one. This was it. Some of us have drawing to do. =)

elnino: Sorry to hear you had trouble with Gail and Jimmy. It's pretty tough for us to keep all the balls in the air at a con. I know I dropped a couple. Thanks for the kind words!

Simon: Great to hear from you, man! Remember.. WW(batman)do?

Ron: Thanks mate! Sarmy inc! I directed heaps of people to the Sarmy site. You can even see it written in pencil on the odd Sylar sketch.

Lorie: LOL!!! You were one of three people I sent off for backing boards. I thought I could at least count on a Princess! =)

Drew said...

Yeah the Ando doesn't look a lot like Ando but at least its one of how many? :P

Also thanks for signing my DVD set on Sunday; would have come down myself but I had work =/

Def. going to pick up the comic at the signing when its on ^__^

Simon Adams said...

Jason - See your WWBD and raise you a "Batman vs Galactus: Who would win?" "Does Batman have time to prepare?" ;)