Thursday, October 04, 2007


Page 8. The home of the Easter egg.

I was really proud of coming up with this Easter egg. It was so tough for me to come up with anything as I've mentioned in the interview. If I had a magazine on a table advertising the Corinthian casino or Nathan Petrelli's status in Congress I could have been very, very wrong and would really popped the bubble. In retrospect my homage to Tim's Sales classic Sylar hunting Clare, painting is probably my favourite Easter Egg and after the baby Nathan playing with the aeroplane and Angel. Meanwhile, I heard that Tim Sale was doing a homage to Nosferatu) was a huge kick for me.

Again, just to clear things up the Primatech paper salesman is just that: a generic Primatech salesman. He is not anyone that I know of. I just invented his look for the story. I did steal the logo from the official site, though.

I had fun on the crazy blood splatter on panel three. I'm also really proud of that little blur effect on the salesman's right hand. It's very cinematic to me. Finally, I really like my likeness of Mohinder on panel five. I think it's a good piece of performance.

News: I've got some stuff in the works. As soon as it all comes to light, I will let you know. And believe me, I will be very happy if it does.


Ron said...

...your artwork just keeps on getting better- if that's possible - :)
I hope the 'stuff' you have in the works is an amazing job offer in America!
p.s. check out
(cool tees and all)

jasonb said...

ron: My Sylar stuff is on the incoming. Just let me get ahead of my current deadlines. My injuries really set me back. =(

Ron said...

Hi..Ororo Munroe redid the store and there's this neat 'banner' about cool!
..thought you'd enjoy seeing it :)
..take care and feel better...ron

Gutter Monkey said...

Let's see if this works ...