Thursday, October 18, 2007


Easiest to hardest, huh?

1. Hiro Nakamura: definitely the easiest for me. I honestly don't think I've drawn a Hiro sketch that I haven't been happy with. I reckon my worst hero sketch is as good as my best of anyone else.

2. Any fictional character: As long as I know the costume I really enjoy In drawing any fictional character that comes up. I love drawing HEROES stuff, but this fictional characters are such a breath of fresh air for me. They're just so easy. Just in case it's someone I might not know, reference or a back up plan is handy.

3. Claire: I'm only just starting to get a handle on her through sheer numbers. I guess you throw enough crap at the wall some of it has to stick!

4. Surprisingly, I was quite happy with my Niki sketches, not because they particularly look like Aly Larter, because they just again captured something that was quintessentially Niki.

5. Peter: again through sheer weight of numbers. I been studying his face a fair bit while watching season one again. I'm hoping there will be more accuracy in the sketches next time.

These sketches marked the end of my first round. I believe I took a 20 minute lunch break after these. Not a bad innings, from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.

THOR: Drawing the God of Thunder was an absolute blast, another mean old character. I don't think anyone has ever asked me to draw him before. I'd love to take another crack at him.

GENE SIMMONS: this was funny. So this gentleman asked me to draw Gene Simmons. But I had no idea what his make-up like. Again something you've seen hundreds of times but never really taken in. So he tells me he has a reference as a tattoo. Unfortunately, the tattoo is on his upper back! In the middle of the convention this guy takes off his top so I could study Gene Simmons' make up. It was pretty funny. Passerby's got an eyeful of something they didn't quite expect to see.

V: this is my old friend, Pete Marshall, who got me into the Boondocks Saints -one of my favourite movies. I have no idea my queue was so long, and I ow you an apology. During the week Pete told me he would like a sketch of Veronica Mars. During an unusual break I decided to actually whip up a quick picture for him. That's it up the top.

Having waited so long (2.5 hours!), they asked if they could also have a sketch. Of course I obliged. His girlfriend (and please forgive me, I can't remember your name), asked for V. What excellent taste! I really couldn't remember the nose, but anyway, here's my take on the iconic character.

PORTRAIT: This gentleman wanted himself as Peter Petrelli. I drew the likeness and then said to him that he would make a much better Superman. He chuckled and showed me his jacket. , signed by Bruce Timm no less! Superman lives!

PORTRAIT: this entire family waited a very long time. This little guy was really patient. He asked for a portrait of himself. I really enjoyed drawing this portrait. He's got one of those cool, unique looks that's really distinctive.

CLAIRE: Again, playing with that same pose but this time toying with the lighting a little bit.

PORTRAIT: I think this is that young guys mum. The problem was, she kept moving her head. Finally, she settled in an up tilted position, but I was trying to draw her square on. When she eventually moved her head down, she ended up looking wildly different to what I had drawn for. Unfortunately I had spent so long drawing I couldn't erase what I'd done. I think she was less than impressed. My apologies.

PORTRAIT: This is not just a portrait of the family, it is a portrait of patience. They asked me to do a quick sketch of a photo of their daughter. My only problem with drawing photos is they just end up as a drawing of a photo. When someone is standing right in front of me, I get to put my spin on them. It's more fun than being the human photocopier.

PORTRAIT: This couple was so nice and patient. Given that they had waited the longest I tried to spend a little bit more time on their sketches. I really enjoyed the portrait of her. She had very easy and open features to draw. Getting to know people, while I draw them helps. And these two were very cool.

HIRO: And a Hiro to finish up the set. I really like this one as it has a lot of character. I think Hiro is doing his little time stopping concentration thing.

Anyway about now, I ran off for my 20 minute lunch. My lips were dry and cracked from lack of water, and I realised I was kind of seeing stars. And there was a huge yawning maw were my stomach should be.

I refuelled and then got straight back into it. You can already see people in this photo waiting for me to get back!


Peter M said...

No apology needed mate. I mean, how could you have known you'd be so freaking popular? You've earned it man. And I got TWO sketches! well worth the wait. My Girlfriend's names Debbie BTW.

Take Care Chief and I'll catch up soon.

Peter M

RyanGibsonStewart said...

You're a freakin' machine!

Dreadman said...

Wow! Ryan's right, a machine! Yet again amazing work, brilliant pieces. Oh how I hope to be able to be lining up in front of you someday. :D

jasonb said...

Peter: Talk soon, man! I gotta get your dvd back to you.

Ryan: Nah, just a freak. =) Expect a package in the mail soon!

Dreadman: I look forward to meeting you someday Dread!