Wednesday, October 17, 2007


This was a fun selection of sketches. It's this sort of variety that really lightens me up as an artist. Especially on a day when I had a queue as long as I did, it's really challenging to keep your energy levels up. Getting different things to draw really wakes me up and excites me. But the best thing to keep my energy levels up is to chat to everyone who comes by.

I must say I really enjoyed drawing captain America and whilst the Marvel project Civil War had some faults, one of the things that did really well was catapult Captain America and Ironman back into the centre of the Marvel universe. Then with Cap's subsequent death, it really reinvigorated my interest in the character. So it's great to draw something that I've been reading.

A very glum looking Hiro Nakamura. I think I was really happy with the basic structure of this image, which is why I didn't put much tone on it. I love my little cartoony Hiros.

I'm pretty sure this gentleman just asked me to draw whatever I wanted to draw. Again Superman. A lot of people ask me who my favourite character to draw is. I always reply, "Superman". The reason why is because he has such a wide variety of emotions that you can capture. Batman is always angry. Wolverline is always angry. But Superman could be angry, compassionate, smiling, happy, sad or noble. All of these are facets to the character. You can draw each one of them while still being true to the character. You don't ever draw a happy Batman... Unless you're Brian Bolland.

Sylar. I did a lot of promoting for the SARMY site, telling people that I'm designing some clothing for them. On the backs of most of the Sylar sketches. I put the SARMY name so people can Google it and find it themselves. speaking of which I better get onto those designs.

Behind me, I had the covers of the Innocents that I did. I still contended they are some of my best work. This gentleman obviously thought so too, and asked for a sketch of Grace. It was fun to go back and sketch her, I hadn't sketched her since San Diego the year before.

And then come the portraits. I should mention (again) I won't be doing any portraits at the Comics R Us signings. While they turned out generally very, very well they take twice as long as a normal picture and to be honest. It's just not fair to the people waiting in line behind. But Padme here was extremely helpful. I noticed that I was running out of paper. So while I sketched her friend (in the green) I sent her with some money to find a some backing boards for me to draw on. unfortunately, the Queen came up empty handed. I was running out of paper and starting to panic.

I'm not sure what Queen Amadala's friend was dressed as, but I remember her being really cheerful happy and bouncy. She was mortified that someone from school might see a dressed up like this. I was trying to tell her to embrace her inner geek and get over what people think. She looked great, she was having fun, she shouldn't need to answer to anybody.

Remember, I spoke about how much I liked that Clare template? Well here it is again. It was quick, it was easy and I was really happy with the result.

Given that I was fairly confident with my Hiro's I started to play with this pose. Normally I was only doing head and shoulders, but I was getting so quick drawing him I thought I could include the sword too. Again, I think it turned out really well.

And finally another Emo Peter to finish off this set. Again, I'm playing with the same pose because I'm still trying different lighting. They were okay sketches, but I thought I still hadn't quite grasped the true "Peterness" of them.


RyanGibsonStewart said...

Jason, your sketches are always a treat to see. Thanks for sharing, man. And congrats on the success--you deserve it.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

Yes, I agree, Ryan. You're an international superstar in the comics world now, Jas. Embrace and enjoy it. :-)