Wednesday, October 31, 2007


A slightly bigger post than usual cos I want to finish this off rather than drag it out.

So even though I've only posted about 20 pictures, I did do around 55 that day. Possibly more. In fact, I got back from lunch (40minutes today! I spoilt myself) I counted that there were 20 people in the queue waiting for me. I announced to the crowd, that if you're not in the queue now, you're not getting a picture. My arm was getting sore, and I didn't want to push it too far. Hell, I had a whole week of drawing ahead of me. I sent a list numbered from 1 to 20 and got people to put their name and their desired sketch on it.

In some ways it was a mistake as people left and then came back for their sketch. While it was more time efficient for them, it was really draining for me. One of the things that keeps me going is the rapport I get with people. I love chatting to people and hearing or telling stories while I draw. It keeps me pumped. And I managed to stay pumped for all of Saturday. I waned on Sunday because the people whose sketches I was drawing wandered off and came back. Hence why there's a lot of pictures of me holding up sketches.

PETER: In two cases, people never came back. And being an idiot, I forgot to charge them. Fortunately, two people saw the sketches and liked them and bought them at the end of the day. I believe this is one of the sketches. This one has grown on me, it has something very "Peter" about it.

PETER2: While it doesn't have a full body Peter, it is a nice Peter-esque sorta picture. It's bugging me I got his lip wrong. It goes down, not up! You Peter-philes know what I'm talking about.

SYLAR: This lovely lady hung out and chatted for ages waiting for her sketch to be drawn. While others had wandered off, she stayed around to chat. I was really grateful for her company, as it was towards the end of the day and we were both pretty tired. It's a very cartoony Sylar.

PETER3: I liked the angle of the last Peter so much, I basically did it again. It was a good call by this dude to ask for the Helix symbol. By this stage I could draw it off the top of my head. Previous attempts I had to refer to my necklace. But seriously, how much like Turtle (from Entourage) does this guy look like? The resemblance is even stronger when he smiles.

CLAIRE: Another battle damaged Claire. These are fun. I don't know if you can make it out, but she's kinda scowling at the smoke coming from the side of her head. One of the things that sells a Claire likeness is her hair. Having it messed up like this really affected any resemblance. Weird, huh?

SHADOWGIRL: This cool lady and her partner also kept me company for ages, which was great (Hi, Sahara and Andrew!). She looked through my portfolio and saw this picture I did for mX magazine of the 12th Hero for a competition they ran. I will explain all next post. It was such a fun picture to draw! It was great to get away from the likenesses. They can be so tough.

HIRO: I have no idea why this is a pencil sketch. I know there were a bunch of people who were working other booths that weren't able to make it over to see me. Whenever they did come over I did tend to squeeze them in with a 2minute pencil sketch like this. Hey, I figure these people are the lifeblood of the con. They deserve the special attention!

ROGUE: This is Lyn's partner, and good friend of mine, Chris. I think this was the first picture for the day. Hahahaha, I like her huge 80's hair.

WOLVERINE: For all her help, I asked Lyn what else she would like sketched, as her and Chris had lined up early that morning. She deliberated a while and then asked for a Wolverine. What fun! She didn't have to rush off, and as the last person in my line I took a little extra time on this to thank her for all her great work.

Thanks Lyn!

Ok, I will show you guys the mX article and picture next...

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