Monday, October 01, 2007


First up at like to say hi to all my sister, Linda's UK friends. I hear she's been sending a fair bit of traffic my way. Perhaps I should put on the payroll? Anyway, you guys look after her over there for me please.

Here's Page 7 all page 2 of part one

I had an incredible insight into my work after doing Blackout. I realised that the stage I spent the least time on was the most important. What I mean is the layouts. That little sketch up there is where I do all my careful planning of the story to come. I think part two read so much better than part one, because I spend more time planning... not that you could tell that from looking at my chicken scratchings, but you can tell by reading it. It's clear concise and nothing is confusing.

The only thing I would have changed, in retrospect, is panel is two of this page. I feel that the patient's drama is a little bit too high. In retrospect, I would have drawn something quieter, more introspective. Perhaps a little bit more angsty than angry.

In doing layouts these days, I'm spending a lot more time on this stage. My layouts for Zero G are far more finished. Its this level of finish, that is forcing me to think a little bit more about planning, composition, foreshadowing and positioning. All the problems I've had in the past have been made at the layout stage. So taking more time means reducing the number of problems.

Prizes: I know it's been ages but I've printed out everything I need to send and a bunch of bonus "thank you" stuff for waiting so long. Could Ryan, Karathephanton and Acid Burn please send me their addresses again? Email me at and I will send these out asap.

News: My good friend, and incredibly talented comic compatriot, David Blumenstein has finished work on THE BEDROOM PHILOSOPHER's video clip. Go check it out, it's a fantastic piece of flash work. Check it out HERE. Apparently he gets something nice for his efforts if 1000 people go check it out before next Monday. So help my buddy out, listen to some Aussie music entertain yourself for 4 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jase,

Looks like you've finally "made it"!
Congrats on the Heroes stuff, it looks awesome. I really like the way your style has evolved. Looks a lot more fluid and natural than your old stuff (which was already good!)
If you ever find yourself lacking motivation, just remember, you're representing all us shmoes who let our meagre talents fall by the wayside over the years!
Keep up the good work!

- Glenn Coote

Impish said...

The reason you can now concentrate on the layouts is cos you're comfortable enough with the rest of the artistic process that it needs less conscious attention from you, I think.

Once you get more to the level of instinctual control over the layouts, you'll end up turning your attention to some other aspect, I bet. :)

For a while there it was colouring while Annette was otherwise engaged, now it's layouts. Who knows what you'll target next!

jasonb said...

GMC: Jeeesus!!!! Great to hear from you! It's like everyone is coming out of the woodwork! Meagre talents my ass. Meagre ability to get off your fat ass more like it. Let us know what you're doing.

Imp: it's a good point. But you should remember I smashed out these layouts in about 6 minutes at your place. I think I should have taken a little longer. It was also the night of the infamous "wrong car" incident. It appears I was firing on all cylinders that night.