Monday, October 29, 2007


So what did I do with all my "hard earned cash" from the convention?

I blew it all buying all my friends and some guests dinner (we call large displays of generosity towards each other, "Vince-ing" from Entourage). I also decided to support the local comic scene and buy a frak-load of comic books.

I picked up Witchking by my previous publisher, Phospherescent comics. You should be able to see it on the main page. I'm sure I plugged it last year, but THIS is the link to all three issues of the Watch: Cathexes. Talented superdude (and Australia's sexiest comic book artist) Paul Abstruse did the first issue, Nicola Scott (DC's Birds of Prey) did the second issue and I did the last issue. Uber-colourist Annette Kwok coloured it all. Christian Read wrote the series. If you haven't read it, it's a fun read. Paul and Nicola pulled out some brilliant work. I think it's one of the best Aussie miniseries you will find and it's FREE at their website!

I also grabbed every issue of HELIOS and SMALL GODS that Jason Rand had on him. I'm up to issue 7 right now, and enjoying the hell out of it. SMALL GODS is about a world where psychics are real. The art is beautiful. Jas, gimme something to link to and I will do so.

My last big pick up was the first three issues of VIENNA. Written by Monin Sak from a concept by Jason Chung and drawn by the prolific Vito Leo. Vienna is a four issue full colour, prestige miniseries about a group of teenage juvenile delinquents trapped in a series of caves in the Australian outback. As they bond and begin to work together, one of them is hunting the others in the darkness. Here's my review for them:

"Vienna is a refreshing departure from the genre quagmire of most comic books. It's a passionate story from brave first-timers who deserve a wide audience. It's a thrill watching the creators and the characters grow with every page. I can't wait for the fourth concluding part."

I enjoyed what they did on VIENNA so much that I also drew a pinup for them. For anyone who knows me, time is my most valuable commodity. So to do this is the most generous gift I can give. Not bad for about three hours work. I think I'm getting pretty damn fast.

Oh, and "Hi" to Justin from Vienna. I hope your hang-over wasn't so bad, mate. =)


Ron said...

Jason Franks mentioned you and your work glowingly on his 'blog' .. said you're an Australian 'hero' and 'star' ..that your queue was the longest ...YAY for you!

jasonb said...

Jason is too kind. I'm still humbled by the reception. But my work is never done!

Thanks Ron, expect a special mail package soon. I just mailed it last Friday. =)