Friday, October 26, 2007


It's been mentioned to that you can watch these photos like some sort of animation. You can see the people crawling up from the back to the front of the line. The start as specks off in the distance until they eventually make it to the foreground, picture in hand.

HIRO NAKAMURA: well, the likeness is ok, but what's up with that hand?! I think I'm starting to get really tired here. =)

PORTRAIT: This guy was a really good friend of Scott (the crazy friend of mine who waited 2 hours to give me something). I couldn't turn down his request for a portrait. Or maybe I was just too tired to say, "No?" Who knows?

SYLAR: Now check out this Sylar action. This is what I'd been awn warming up to all day. Not bad for a man on the verge of collapse. But I finally figured out the dramatic lighting that works for him. Why does it work? Probably cos it's the same lighting that Tim Sale uses on the big picture of him before he gets stabbed by Hiro in the future 9th Wonders comic.

SYLAR: I reckon this guy saw the last guy's Sylar sketch and wanted some of that action. So I panned back and drew some BOOM hands on Sylar. Nawt bad. I'm really struggling with hands about this time of the day. =)

PORTRAIT: I remember this lady was second last, but wanted a portrait. I mentioned to her that it's not fair that everyone has waited so long, for me to take twice as long on her picture. I did say that if she let the last Sylar gentleman go first that I'd do her portrait. I put a little extra effort in, as it was my last picture of the day. It turned out quite well.

NEXT UP: I'm going to interrupt the sketch-fest with some actual art next. Then, onto Sunday's sketches.


Leshia Doucet said...

Daaaaaaaaaamn. I keep poking my head in here every couple days and there's just more and more. Damn. Awesome.


jasonb said...

Thanks leshia! Stay happy!