Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Almost there! One more for Saturday after this one. Man, ten people per post. When I look back on it like this, it's insane. What's wrong with me? =)

PETER PETRELLI: Another Peter. I think the structure on this one is a bit better. I've just re-watched season one and his lip goes down, not up! Oops!

SYLAR: As you can see here I'm starting to play with angles and lighting. I know that lighting is the key to these sketches, but I hadn't quite figure out WHAT lighting yet.

SYLAR: Do I mean the picture or the guy? The photo doesn't do him justice, but I may as well just have drawn this guy. His friends pressured him into getting a "self portrait". As you can see, I've figured out the dramatic lighting that's going to work with pencils. I was pretty happy with this sketch.

PETER PETRELLI: So this is "Sylar's" friend. Lovely aspiring actress. She had a hilarious t-shirt: Mr Tea. Well, maybe I was delirious, but I thought it was funny. This was my favourite Peter so far. I loved the lighting and the drama of it. I'd really figured out what I wanted to do from here on in.

HIRO NAKAMURA: I was getting so fast at drawing Hiro's that I could do him with sword in hand in the same time it took me to draw the moody Sylars and Peters.

ANDO: Ok, this made me laugh. You've seen how many sketches I'd drawn already. My brain was at it's absolute limit. This gentleman asked for Ando. I replied that I had no reference and that I can't remember what James Kyson Lee looked like. He said, that doesn't matter and to just draw what I could. I warned him that he'd waited 2.5 hours for what is very likely going to be my worst likeness of the day. He said he didn't mind.

I think his expression says it all here. My Ando looks like an extra from the old Michael Douglas movie, Black Rain. Terrible. Just terrible. All I could remember was that he had big hair. =)

HIRO: I think this gentleman asked for two, one for him and one for a friend. I regretfully asked him to choose one or the other. I said it's not fair that everyone else has waited so long that I should do for anyone.

Back to Hiro. So nice to re-affirm my confidence and do something I knew I could draw. After the last debacle this was exactly what I needed. I really like this one. Looks like this guy did too.

PETER WITH BOOM HANDS: The lighting is all dramatic, but incredibly wrong. I mean, his boom hands should be lighting the right side of his face, not darkening it.

I think I got cocky here with my last Peter and thought I could whip up the body no problem. I remember struggling as valuable neurochemicals were no longer able to be produced by my brain.

5 YEARS LATER PETER: What a cool idea. It did create a debate as to what the scar looked like and which way it ran. Having just watched the episode, I'm glad that I was correct.

NIKI/JESSICA: Wanted an image similar to the Tim Sale/Isaac Mendez painting. It's ok, but if I had to do it again, I've got a better idea.

That's my good friend Scott Pollard grinning like a maniac behind her. He stood in my line for 2.5 hours to dump a bag of comics on my table and go, "Chris wanted me to give you these."

I bolted upright, "Are you telling me you waited 2.5 hours for that?!!"

He flashed a grin, "Yup."

Then he span on his heels and disappeared.

I have unusual friends.


Scott POllard said...

AND i got a book signed. Not just delivering comics.

I'm not CRAZY.

jasonb said...

You are a crazy man. KER-AZY.

Man... So great seeing you though!

Anonymous said...

That Ando isn't all bad... really.. its good; the expression probably has more to do with standing on my two feet for close to three hours :P

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say how much I loved your sylar pic you did for me at Armageddon. I love it so much that i have it framed and sitting on my bed side table.

jasonb said...

ando- lmao! that's funny. Ahhh... still, not my best picture. I will make sure I pull my finger out next time.

sylar: Aw, thanks so much! I'm absolutely honoured. I really appreciate that you dig the sketch so much. =)

jasonb said...

Oh, and did you swing by CRU in the city too?