Thursday, November 01, 2007


In Melbourne (and apparently Sydney) we have a free "newspaper"that commuters can pick up on their way home and to work called "mX". It's a stir fry of light news with heavy celebrity gossip and a sprinkling of unusual facts and trivia.

Daniel Zachariou, the guy who runs Supanova in Sydney was contacted by mX. They had run a HEROES competition where fans were asked to text in their idea for a the 12th HERO. The idea was, "‘Shadow Girl’ can transport herself through shadows and jump into peoples shadows controlling them depending on the strength of will of the person."

Daniel immediately thought that a HEROES picture needs a HEROES artist.

It was an easy and fun picture, so while I normally turn down non-comic related commissions, I agreed to do it.

I thought it would be fun to have her standing in Bennet's and Mohinder's shadows and controlling them as I wanted some way to tie her into the HEROES continuity.

So seen here is the original version with Mohinder and Bennet suffering from Shadowgirl's powers. Anyone else like the shadows? I do. =)

Now, you will notice that on the printed version, the two guys down the bottom only vaguely resemble Jack Coleman and Sendhil Ramamurthy. The reason why is that mX didn't have the likeness rights to either actor/character. So they asked me to change them. Unfortunately, I didn't have time (nor the desire) to redraw these characters from scratch. So a beard, long hair and some piercings as well as subtly changing facial features seemed to have done the job.

Thanks again for setting this up, Daniel!


Ron said...

..hey man - cool newspaper pic!
and UNREAL .. ya shouln't have..but happy and thankful that you did!!!
...getting them framed, hung and admired by family and friends.. THANKS SO MUCH!
Ron (Sheindie)

Kelly J. Compeau said...

Wow, that pic really kicks ass, Jas! Nice work.

jasonb said...

Hey man! Glad you got them! If I promise, I deliver... eventually! I'm glad you like em. I thought I would make sure you guys got first look at the Claire/Fire one before I uploaded it.

KJC: Heya! Thanks! More incoming.

Anonymous said...

Oooooh!!! I'm really glad because you draw more Mr.Bennet (my character favourite!!!)...
I imagine that if the crew will inspired the character ShadowGirl in the real serie Heroes. 8D

Really awesome your pic!
(Draw more Mr.Bennet for a Mr.Bennet fans, please... ♥w♥)

jasonb said...

Hey French!

Great to see people are going through the old posts. Make sure you grab Root & Branch part 3 off the NBC site (link on my main page) as I snuck heaps of Bennet in there.