Saturday, June 03, 2006


As a card carrying uber nerd there is a certain minimum of nerdly things I have to do to maintain my nerdship.

One of the ways that I keep my nerdship is by playing online computer games. Everquest 2 to be exact. Why not World of Warcraft? Cos I can't be bothered with dealing with armies of 13 year old phat lewt idiots.

So playing Eq2 I've met a group of people who call themselves "Aurora Australis" (the online, ingame term is a "guild"). They welcomed me in, and one of their more powerful members, a guy by the name of HATE who plays a lady monk took a week of his time to watch over my character so that I could progress at a rate far beyond what I could do myself. The week of his help ended with his birthday. I asked him what I could do to repay him. He joked that a picture of HATE in a bikini would do.

I wouldn't do that, but I did say I would do what I could.

In game she normally wears full pants and a top as the clothing design is refreshingly conservative. So I decided that she needed some "creative tearing" of her costume so that HATE could enjoy the feminine wiles of his character.

So thanks for all your help HATE, and happy birthday buddy!


simbo said...

Incredible pic mate. Now if you can learn to tank half as well as Hate I might send a heal your way ;) LOL!

jasonb said...

I will learn to tank when you learn to heal. =)

simbo said...

No risk of me ever having to learn then :)

Shanamation said...

WoWers are not ALL 13 year old loot whores, some of us are 31! OMFGWTFPWNZRD!
nice pic tho bud - get off EQ tho.... it suxxorz

jasonb said...

Eq2 does suck.

It sucks time and money from more important things in my life.

But like every good Evercrack addict... I just can't get enough.

Lemme know when you wanna play a real game damo... Wouldn't mind seeing another mate online. =P