Wednesday, June 14, 2006

LUCY - credits page pinup

I'm procrastinating.

In a matter of minutes I will have the latest piece of brilliance from Annette. If I was any more excited, they'd have to hose me down.

I would be procrastinating playing EQ but my mouse batteries have died. It's actually really hard to try and play with your graphics tablet as a mouse. I gave it a good 15 minutes before I threw in the towel.

Then I thought I'd get ahead and finish off presenting Lucy. Actually blog in advance.

So here's the final piece. I'm actually really sad having to say good bye to this piece. It's not often you hear about and then get the chance to draw a story that you think will really make you. The next project I'm doing will be fun, but Lucy would have been ground breaking. Ahh well.

Heh, was at JAn's party on sunday night and the common response to, "So, how are you?" was "Haven't you read my blog?"

I couldn't help but laugh.

That's funny, right?

Tell me that's funny.

Next up: Linework for the next INNOCENTS cover! More Unrealistic women for people to get angry at! Yay!

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