Friday, June 09, 2006

LUCY - Cover

Ok so one of the exciting projects I might get to art direct is the new manga, "Lucy". It's written by JAn Napiorkowski and the brainchild of Roger Mincheff. Now way back when, I was actually gonna draw this baby. Truth be told, I'm still smitten by the story. I think it's one I could really knock out of the park.

Anyway, it's out of my hands now.

But for Supanova last year Roger was kind enough to fly JAn and I up. Two reasons:

1. We had a million meetings to get through.

2. He really wanted to raise our profile on the Aussie scene as a part of Top Cow.

Then he realised that we didn't have anything to sign! So he commissioned us to write and draw this preview which he published for us especially for the convention. We had about 3 weeks to do this. JAn took about a week and a bit to write it. It's JAn at his best. Minimal. Evocative. Powerful.

That left me a week and bit-more-than-a-bit to layout, shoot, create a visual style (I'd mouthed off that I wanted to paint this but didn't know how!), draw, paint, colour, letter and print 5 pages, a cover and an inside cover. Take that you 24 hour comic heads! =)

I'm still incredibly proud of what I was able to achieve in that time. The only thing that ruined it for me were the spelling mistakes. Anyway, I think I caught them all for you guys, now.

The logo was designed by Alex Hammond, my oldest and best friend and an incredible writer and designer in his own right. I just didn't have time to do the logo and needed someone talented whom I could trust. He brought something so fresh and bold to the logo, that even if I had a year I couldn't have done anything as good.

The model is one of my clients, Ashleigh. She was just perfect casting and both her and her mother loved the likenesses that I did of her. That reminds me... I've still got to get these printed out for them.

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