Saturday, June 03, 2006

I could kill me

Ok, so when I do a piece, I compress it in Photoshop, and then email it off for approval. Generally what I do is then uncompress it and resave it at full quality. The word of note here is "generally". Not this time. I compressed it, saved it then closed Photoshop completely losing the hi-res art quality image that Photoshop stores in its memory. I now have to redraw this completely. The most help I'm going to get is that I can trace over the blurry crappy compressed lines of the older image. >sigh<

It was going to be such a nice and quiet weekend.

So I have to redraw this, three character sketches for Lucy (this is the story of stories and perfect for me, but it's decided it's going to be a manga. At least JAn gets to still write it). I have to do these in manga style. Should be interesting... In the Chinese sense.

I will be announcing a huge art drive on Pulp Faction soon. If any of you are or know a skilled manga artist who is professional and reliable, they could have a huge 160 page Tokyopop graphic novel coming out if they can impress me. Details soon.

In the meantime you can have a looksie at the previously finished and now forever lost and approved new clothed Witchblade (she looks so much better in clothes!).


Liz/Azahru said...

Queenie Chan is very lovely and approachable, I'm not sure if she'd have the time, but she might be in a good position to recommend a few people for manga illustration

She's also very professional and one of the most intelligently articulate comic creators I've had the pleasure of hanging out with

Andricongirl said...

I have no idea how you manged to save over the original !!

save for web for preview image jase!!

jasonb said...

liz - When I get the go ahead, I will definitely be sending Queenie an email. I was blown away by her art and impressed by her interview (on her site).

jel - here's what happened. Save for Web has a size limit. A 600dpi 28.3cmx43cm is WAAAY over that limit. So I shrink it down and then Save for Web. But then i saved it again (at the reduced size) and closed Photoshop.