Wednesday, June 14, 2006

LUCY - page 5

Here we are.

The last page.

No tears ok? No crying.

There will be more.

So yeah, Ashleigh (one of my clients) kindly modelled for Lucy. She's much prettier than these pictures, but she still smiled kindly when I showed her the work.

Something I find of endless amusement is the cross-media language slang we use for things. I remember saying to someone that I asked the model to do pose for a couple of "pinups". The confusion came when I mean full page pictures with no panels rather than a Playboy pinup spread.

Yeah, so I had fun on Lucy. But I really should have painted it properly...

I've got one more pinup from Lucy to show you (insert former rather than latter definition). Then I have some linework for the new INNOCENTS cover and then... ta da! More Annette colouring!

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