Sunday, June 18, 2006


"Ripped off!" I hear you cry.

Where's Annette's colouring?

Sometimes the nature of what we do is really last minute. I received the brief wednesday week ago. I sent off these sketches and only just got their feedback finalised by friday. The feedback was while they liked Sketch 3 (the farthest on the right - which was also my favourite) they wanted more movement in the figure. Was there some sort of hand signal unique to the subculture that I could include. I have *no* idea where to find something like that. Xtreme sports championship galleries didn't yield anything, so I went with the gloves up.

The problem was that they needed it (fully coloured) by the wednesday! So friday night (on the long weekend) I got drawing and got it to Annette sometime sunday afternoon. She coloured like a demon and we made the wednesday deadline (despite some technical issues).

A couple days later David gets back to us commenting that there's something wrong with her abs and torso. Perhaps it's a bit long? It was all my fault. I'd used some stupidly annorexic chick and exaggerated it even more. When Annette sent me the first proof back I realised what a mistake I'd made. I asked Annette to do what she could to soften the abs and under the time constraints she did a really good job. But to be fair it wasn't good enough - and it was all my fault.

So right now I've sent off the redrawn torso linework to Annette and she's working her magic under intense pressure. You will see it as soon as it's approved.


killeroo said...

her breasts are too small.... lol

jasonb said...

it's not the way she's drawn... It's the way she's coloured!