Wednesday, June 21, 2006


It's funny, I've actually tried a really different tact with drawing women with these pieces.

I’m a huge fan of Adam Hughes and his artwork has been an incredible influence on me. His women are just incredibly sexy. It was only when I got to drawing Grace (chick on the left) that I really started to think about the habits that I have when I draw a chick Hughes style. Thick, thick mascara and blood red lips. But I figured that Grace isn't that sorta chick. She wouldn’t be caking on the makeup. She's a more natural looking girl. So I figured that would be a really exciting direction to go in. I left the lips more open and not so dark. I went easier on the eyes.

The thing that really sold me on it was what Annette did. You see there are some things about makeup that a heterosexual non-crossdressing guy will never, ever know about makeup. The stuff that Annette did... wow. I learnt so much. One of the great learning curves for me was back on the Harajuku girls for the first Innocents cover. She drew them with blue eyeshadow. Now I would NEVER think to do that, but being a girl Annette did it and it worked big time!

There's just some things women do better than guys...

Next up: The rejected design for the cover.

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