Sunday, June 11, 2006

LUCY - page 2 & 3

As I mentioned I had about a week to draw this damn thing, right?

So JAn in his infinite wisdown goes, "Dude, I'm gonna make your life easier and give you a double page spread. They're easier to draw, right?"

Good thing we were on the phone and he couldn't see me beginning to get a little skittish, "Uh, I guess dude. Depends what it is."

Oh man, it will be easy. Really easy trust me.

Let me now cut to JAn's script:

"A great battle in the heavens. Let’s go for really classical representations of the angels, since Raphael is telling a story. Huge wings, flowing locks, flaming swords, piecemeal armour. Clear figures in the foreground, fading to silhouettes in the background. Have the forces of good on the right and the forces of evil on the left.

The angels of the left grimace in determination, driven as they are by greed. The angels on the right weep, for they are driven by mercy and their love for God."

It's basically two armies clashing. Basically the only thing that was weeping was me. I basically drew the other 3 pages in half the time it took me to draw this spread. Unfortunately it suffers from the emotional energy it takes to draw something like this. There's a LOT of figures here. A LOT. It was really draining. The figures and technical drawing aint perfect, but I still like the composition.

Thanks JAn. Anytime you have a bright idea to make my life easier... drop it.

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