Monday, June 12, 2006

LUCY - page 4

As some of you might have realised, I'm a real stickler for reference. JAn (inspired by Mickey Rourke in "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" and Mickey's real life antics) decided that Raphael should have a little dog. A jack russell to be exact. I scoured the web looking for damn reference. I hate it when my shot composition is limited by my reference - which is why I like to shoot my own stuff. I couldn't find anything so I started to do some sketches by myself and the result was the mating of a furry sausage and a double jointed crocodile. I was really beginning to despair.

Then it was Alex to the rescue again. I can't believe that I forgot that my best mate owns a super cute little jack russell called Fling. So after chasing Fling around for an hour I got my shots.

Thanks Fling. Thanks Alex.

MANGA ART DIRECTION: I've received a real swell of interest about this, and I thought I should make an announcement. It appears I misunderstood at what stage this project is at. It's a little bit further back than I originally believed. To be honest, I shouldn't have even have made an announcement about it. But suffice to say, I will contact every person who contacted me about this gig when it does come to light. In the meantime, please move along with your lives and get drawing... But just be ready when the Bat-signal hits the night skies.

ps Happy Birthday JAn, you old, old bastard.

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