Friday, June 16, 2006


I got a very cool email from David Wohl last week.

Subject: Next Innocents Cover.

Content: "It's time."

They wanted me back!

So what you saw last was the San Diego exclusive cover. I will be pocketing many of these babies when I head over there. What they're looking for this time is the world-wide distribution cover.

With that in mind I wanted something that really tied in with the last cover. I wanted those at San Diego to recognise the colours, imagery, character and design.

This time I wanted something a little bit more close up to Grace. Something a little more "in-your-face".

Roger had been commenting that he wanted to get away from the sword. While the sword was a nice gesture to her being a fighter, she doesn't use a sword at all in the first issue. So I decided to give her boxing wraps instead (any of my clients reading this can gape appreciatively at the perfection of her wraps). I really liked the Ying-Yang elbow pads which I hope lend her a slightly X-games feel. I kept the cap to keep her fashion designer branding.

Next up: Annette's colouring magic!


Mitch said...

The wraps are great. Did they take less time to draw them than it takes me to put them on at training. (it wouldn't be hard)

killeroo said...

nice. how'd you do that hair texture?

jasonb said...

MITCH: Heh. Man, I drew the entire thing in the time it takes you to do your wraps!

DAZ: I draw on three separate layers in photoshop. A 100% black layer, a 50% layer and a 20% layer. The hair texture is a combination of both. I do this so I give Annette more info and help give her an idea of my light sources.