Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More Kwokian Goodness

When I get things like this in my Inbox, they just make my day.

Here's the base artwork for the Mazda ad from Annette and I. Again Annette's done a stunning, stunning job. The way she's matched the lighting from the background on the characters and the car is incredible. If you look closely you will see that she has also put shadows from the characters on the car and the ground - incredible attention to detail.

She's also used the skin-linework softening technique to great effect once again.

Ok, now it's up to me to do some logo and copy placement and you should see the thing as an ad in all Top Cow comics in a month or two. And you can say you saw that being put together.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!
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jasonb said...

Yeah, me too!

i just wish I knew if it went live, and if it will, when?