Friday, November 23, 2007


So these are the final five cylons. Ah, don't mind me. Just been watching waaa-ay too much Battlestar. Can you watch too much Battlestar? I guess when you've numbed yourself to its brilliance you've watched too much. I guess that's why I cap my daily limit to two episodes with a significant break in between.

Anyway... Sketches. These are 3 HEROES ones left over for customers and three for the guys who ran the store. Damnit, I forgot to scan Black Adam - which was damn fun. Hey Mark - any chance you can email me a photo of him or something?

MR BENNET BEING SEXY: Is the man even capable of being sexy? Romantic? Loving? Sure. But sexy? So anyway. I think I made things a little weird here. C'mon, you can't tell me him and Moho have all those phonecalls and don't get into a little, "So... What are you wearing?" material.

PARKMAN: Not bad. A nice solid sketch. A decent likeness. Of my fast 10 minute sketches, this was one of the best.

NATHAN: Ok, I think I took a little longer than 5-10 minutes on this one. Nah, you think? Man, I'm proud of this. It came out real nice! One of the reasons I took so long on this is I owe someone a Nathan sketch. So, hey Willow, email me and I will send you a inked up copy! I still owe you a Nathan.

JAYNA & SNAPPER CARR: Who? Exactly. Jared from Classic asked me if I had got any really weird requests. I replied that some freak asked me for Jayna from the Wonder Twins, and Snapper Carr mascot of the JLA. So here you go Jared. Ya freak. =)

SPIDERMAN & MARY JANE: I spent a bit of time on this one as it was for Pino, the owner of Classic Comics. Pino has (I believe) every issue of Amazing Spiderman. I really like the composition and I'm sure it's something that I will come back to again in the future. It's got power and tenderness. I like it.

Thanks again Pino for taking me out for dinner and drinks with the other Classic boys last night. I had a ball geeking it up with you guys. Topics covered included: Why the Flash sucks, How Superman got killed by Doomsday, various San Diego anecdotes from everyone, horror films (I really gotta go see Halloween to support my friend Tyler Mane) and drawing. It was a great geek up! So thanks again, Pino!

Thanks also to Jared, Alex, Corey and Mark for a great night.

COMMISSIONS: Still pimping these. The pre-xmas list is getting tight. Email me for a price list on

SKETCHBOOKS: The sketchbooks are a 12 page beautifully printed A5 collection of all my HEROES prints including: The final page from the Death of Hana, Sylar, Peter, Claire, Noah and Claire, Hiro, and three pages of unprinted artwork from other projects. They were sold at Armageddon and the three Melbourne signings I did. I've got a few left over. They're AUS$10 each. It will cost me AUS$2 to mail within Australia and AUS$5 to mail to the states or wherever else. If you'd like one, please email me at


Ororo_Munroe said...

Wow, you were having a really good day. All of these are awesome!

Trust me on this... HRG is VERY sexy in an uncreepy he is old enough to be my father kinda way.

The Polsons said...


A very nice Nathan, yes. :) Sending you an email now...

And I'm impressed with the hotness of Jayna, that truly rocks!

Lilithia/Stef said...

I'm weirded out by that Bennet picture... LOL.

Lee said...

I'm sure Jayna looked nothing like that when I was watching superfriends.. I'd probably be a lot more forgiving of the show if she did.
Funnily enough Snapper Carr showed up in a 52 special only a couple of weeks ago.
Spidey & Mary Jane looks great, the Bennet is very disturbing.

jasonb said...

Ororo: Lmao! Jack Coleman is a great actor, but sexy... um... Let's just say I'm not his target demographic.

Willow: LOL! Nathan incoming Willow! Jayna is kinda hot isn't she? I'm having all sorts of conflicting childhood memories now...

Stef: Hahahahaha! My work here is done!

Lee: I didn't realise you had your own blog! Way to not tell me! Ok, off to read it now... (I like Spidey - one of my first proper Spideys)