Monday, November 12, 2007


Onto part 2!

VAMPED UP PUPPET ANGEL: Siobhan again with one of the more unusual and fun requests that I got. She had a picture of Angel as a puppet and asked me to draw him vamped up. The only other reference I had was a picture of David Boreanaz vamped up. So I had to cross the two. It was fun. I think it turned out really well.

HARLEY QUINN: This is Jacinta, friend of Siobhan. She wanted Harley Quinn holding the little alien from Toy Story. If you look closely you can see that the little alien is a little worried by who is holding him. Hell, I would be too.

BOBA FETT: A friend of Stef (see below) from Sydney. Luckily I was surrounded by Boba Fett merchandise so reference was easy. My first ever Boba Fett. Not too bad.

HIRO: Back to HEROES! Another friend of Stef wanted Hiro, the sword and the Godsend symbol. I messed up his hand placement (it should have been higher in the picture) so I could have drawn the Godsend in its proper place. Not so bright. =)

ELLE: Again from HEROES. This is Stef, "Hi! Stef!". Stef wanted Kristen Bell from HEROES. While I'm a huge fan of her, I did need reference. So I glanced across at Troy who folded his arms and started stroking his goatee deep in thought. Then he disappeared off and came back with a Wizard magazine with a picture of her in her lingerie. I'm like, "Wow! I'm so impressed you remembered this!"

He turns to me and says, "Well, it's a little hard to forget."

IRON FIST: This is the first Iron Fist I've ever drawn. It's a good picture of him, and a nice idea, but I'd love to draw him again. I've got a much better idea. Read Iron Fist! It's a kick ass book!

MR BENNET: It looks a bit more like a blonde Clark Kent, heh. You know. Still it's a good picture of some guy in a suit. You'd think after all the times I'd drawn him I could smash out a Bennet no problem. I realised that when I draw the comics I don't really pay attention to their likenesses. It's only when I sketch their portrait that it sinks in. Weird.

Hi Adi.

HIRO/FUTURE HIRO: as far as ideas went for sketches, this was one of the best. The two Hiro's separated by his sword. I really enjoyed doing this one as it challenged my innate ability to draw Hiro Nakamura - which I think is my special gift.

CLAIRE: So this guy came back around again for a picture of Claire for his sister. I thought that was really cool of him and mentioned so. I think he implied it was the sorta present where everybody wins. I'm really happy with this sketch. I did some studies earlier that day to get some likenesses better. This was based on one of those studies, and I think it turned out well.

WILLOW: Now this was tough. The only reference I had were two Jo Chen covers and a tiny photo on her phone. While I love Willow, it's really tough to remember exactly what she looks like. I don't like using people's artwork as reference, it's like a copy of a copy and it looks as such. Ideally if you want me to draw someone, find two photos of them from two different angles and I will draw a picture that's a combination of the two photos. I can do this pretty successfully if the brain is switched on and I know the characters.

BATWOMAN: Again, I've not drawn Batwoman before. I had read all about her in 52, though. I thought the design of the character was great. Not a bad picture. But I think I've got a pretty good idea of what to do next time. This picture gave me a good idea of how her costume works though and the potential design aspects of it.

STARTREK ENTERPRISE: Now this was tough. Even though Jacinta gave me reference, I find it really tough to do a quick sketch of a vehicle. Vehicles are all about perspective and synchronous lines. Again, I didn't want to just copy one of the reference shots so I played a bit, and it got a bit... wonky.

SUPERGIRL: This is Dan. I met him at Armageddon. He's on the committee of the Starwalking fan club and does a great deal of work for charity through them. I dig this Supergirl. She's got spunk (the quality that I think is most important for her). I now realise that she has to have flat hair to make her look younger.

One more set should cover the city signing.


If you'd like me to do a commission, email me at and I will send you an email with the details and prices. Then you can make a decision as to what you want.

Signing this Saturday 17th, 3pm-5pm


Shop 7, 50 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

HERE is a map

Signing is free, sketches are $10 and sketchbooks are $15 (same as before).

I'm also doing a radio interview at 4pm on RMIT radio on 90.7FM. So if you're in Melbourne, tune in!


Anonymous said...

The Hiro/Future Hiro is very cool.

Now I feel lame just asking for Hiro with his sword...

Stef {Lilithia} said...

Hello! :D lol. whaaat you put that photo up!!!!

RyanGibsonStewart said...

It's becoming increasingly more difficult for me to find the time to check your blog as regularly as I did in the summer (what with school, work, and a new baby on the way!), but it's really fun to watch how your work is developing. I know how different it is to sit down at the computer and work on a piece than to quickly do a 10-minute sketch for a person waiting in line. Jas, you're becoming much more daring and experimental, and it's leading to some really great pieces. I love the risks you're taking, and how you play with the light and with different poses and concepts. Your sketchwork is fast gaining the notoriety and skill that your regular work already has.

Patient Zero said...

Hello, I'm from SArmy, username Patient Zero. I'd just like to say your drawings are awesome and thank you so, so, so much for the art you've donated! It's all pretty fantastic. :)

Pamela said...

Hi Jason, thanks so much for the awesome sketch of Death from the Sandman. The more I look at it the more I like it. Posting the sketches here was a great idea. You are such a nice guy, I hope going overseas and getting all famous doesn't change you! Thanks again, Pam.

Adi said...

hi jason

that hiro/future hiro was my idea.. sorta.. me and sam was thinking of having hiro/future hiro with the kirby plaza/ kirby plaza after the explosion in the background, and the sword is reflecting sylar... but then again thats just asking too much of your time. lol

Flawedprefect said...

...Will be there on the 17th, mah man! Was hoping to pick up some comic goodness while Anh rolls her eyes at me, but now she's gonna yell screaming from the Geek Haven when I walk out with signed gear. See ya then, Jas!

Paul C

jasonb said...

ANON: Totally not lame! Totally fun for me. I hope it was a good one. Thanks for coming down.

Stef: Why not? Me and uber-fan! Show the people who wander past what we're all doing at these things. =)

RYAN: OMG! Congrats to you and Ruth! WOW!!! Hahahha, thanks. I like to challenge myself. I also know that I'm going to be held accountable for the sketch on an design, originality and execution level once it goes up here. That keeps me on my toes.

PATIENT ZERO: Oh man! I better email the high quality versions through so they can start raising some cash. I've just got more work to do on them...

Pamela: I love that Death. It's so sweet! And I promise that the only changes I will make are to my wardrobe (can't wait to go shopping again on Melrose!). Thanks for coming down!

Adi: If you were the last guy in line we mighta gone the whole hog. But then I might be brain dead by that stage too. So you coulda got a drool puddle that looked like Hiro or you coulda got exactly what you wanted. =)

Paul: Seeya then man! Look forward to it!

The Badowers said...

Angel puppet, vamped up (with a little Sylar thrown in for good measure, lol) - very cool, but the eyebrows totally sold it for me. Awesome work, Jas!

I love the Hiro/Future Hiro; very cool idea. Nice job on Boba Fett, by the way.

Thanks sooo much again for the Harley/Alien sketch - the look on his face says everything! Absolutely GENIUS! Harley Quinn (NOT The Claw),is definately The Master.

The Enterprise is a bit more TNG,(your fave, I know),rather than Original Trek, but turned out well for a first time.

jasonb said...

Angel puppet was definitely my fav of that bunch. Boba Fett suffers from what Spiderman does... no face for me to play with.