Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Part two!

POWERGIRL: This lovely lady wanted a Powergirl. She told me that she got chatting to Amanda Conner who apparently loves drawing Powergirl cos of her massive boobs. I'm wondering if Amanda digs drawing Powergirl for the same reason I dig drawing huge, muscle-bound guys? Cos of their massive man-boobs. I mean pecs. Pecs. Yeah, that's what I meant.


DREAM & PETER: This is Lorie, aka Queen Amadala from Armageddon. The Dream is for her friend Amy who emailed me earlier that week lamenting that she couldn't make the signing. She asked me if I could draw her a Dream. I love drawing Dream, so it was a pleasure. I wish it wasn't so blurred. Lorie asked for a season 2 Peter (I'm sensing a pattern as to what the women want) and brought me a beautiful picture of Wolverine, Cyclops and Jean Grey. Thanks Lorie!

HIRO & KENSEI: This lovely couple really brightened my day. I met Jess at Armageddon (her Mr Tea t-shirt made an indelible impression) and her exuberance really helped her to stand out in my memory. The two went hardcore HEROES here on the requests. Darryl asked for Hiro and his dad (George Takei) doing the Vulcan "live long and prosper" hand gesture. I unfortunately had to indicate the queue and confessed that I could only draw one character per person to be fair. Jess asked for a Kensei. Luckily I had this one tucked away in the back of my brain. I really don't know David Anders face that well... but I think it sorta captures him.

HAWKGIRL: The last time I ran into Dan it was Friday at the Comics 'R' Us signing. He was insistent that next time he wanted a Hawkgirl without the helmet. He even brought his own reference of her, which was great! I thought this was a really nice sketch.

TWO FACE: This guy is great! Look at that face! I had no idea at the time that he was pulling a "Two Face" himself. I got such a laugh when I dumped it onto my computer and looked at it properly for the first time. Thanks for the laugh, dude! When he asked for this I freaked for a second. Which side was scarred and which side was normal? Asking around, no one was sure! I was sure it was the left and just went for it. Documented evidence backed me up. =)

ULURU: This guy is great! I'd previously drawn a Moho and a Haitian for him. This time... Uluru! He saw one I did last week and dug it so much he wanted his own, but with the hand held up menacingly! Damn blurry photo! Perhaps this was during one of my coffee withdrawal periods?

PSYLOCKE: I had great fun drawing this, but the proportions are all off. Why? Let the bad artist blame his tools. Normally artists work on an incline table so you can see the top and the bottom of the page evenly. By sitting too low (as I was) you end up distorting the picture you're working on (in this case her head is slightly too large). Sorry no mega boobs on her... I don't believe asian super-ninjas should be stacked.

HIRO: This was a different sorta Hiro. She wanted it drawn like the Alex Ross cover. That was fun to draw a less cartoony Hiro. But I still prefer my cartoony ones. =)

SYLAR: This guy was the friend of the last lady and was a really nice guy. I had great fun drawing him a Sylar. The energy around his hands on the sketch is silver pen.

HIRO: This was a funny one. She decided to get a friend's Xmas present early. Apparently her friend is a huge HEROES fan and digs my stuff but couldn't make it down. So she waited two hours to get this Hiro done for his Xmas present. She then insisted that she hated photos even though I recall her as being quite pretty. Anyway, I thought this was a funny thing to do. If there's any present where the thought counts... this was it!

YATAAA!!!!: I'm so glad I love drawing Hiro given how popular he is on the request-front. This was a great idea for a picture. Apparently Masi and Adrian Pasdar shot this for real themselves in Times Square and no one recognised them cos no one thought it could possibly be them. =)

WONDER WOMAN: Not suffering from low-seat-itis as badly as Psylocke (I realised what happened on the last one), but if I had to do this again, I'd make her head smaller. I gotta practice my Wonder Womans. For a character I like so much, I haven't quite figured her out yet...

One more set then I will start showing some commission artwork.

COMMISSIONS: Still taking order! Email me at and I will send you my pricing document. I just got Paypal setup, so that makes things easier!


Anonymous said...

Thankies! i love my pic of dream, it is absolutely perfect!
xoxo Amy

Lilithia/Stef said...

Sounds like you had so much fun! Sorry I couldn't make it. :( Hope you're not mad!

Ororo_Munroe said...

Paypal is fabulous! It makes transferring money so much easier.

Pecs are manboobs and not very attractive. Who wants to date a guy with a chest bigger than their own?

Love your Hawkgirl!

jasonb said...

Amy: Glad you like it! I love drawing Dream. Good luck with your exams!

lili: Not mad at all! I don't expect anyone to come. Seeya saturday!

Ororo: It is good! thanks for all the help with it. Heh. I might have made an ex-girlfriend or two guilty of that...

Anonymous said...

thankies for the luck as well! i will definitely need it!
xoxo Amy

Ororo_Munroe said...

"I might have made an ex-girlfriend or two guilty of that..."

That is the second time this week someone made me laugh and juice came out of my nose! Pomegranate juice is losing its appeal.

jasonb said...

LMAO! Pomegranate juice better be good for the sinus' the way you're snorting it. Pomegranate juice? Seriously! Stay off the heavy stuff and go back to cocaine.

Ororo_Munroe said...

I may have to rethink having you as one of my heroes. Honestly, telling me to use cocaine! ;)

jasonb said...

Hey, I'm only thinking of your health here. I mean, you've tasted pomegranate juice, right?

Sarah Foster said...


'Tis the girl who asked for Power Girl! Thank you very much once again, I spent the trip home just staring at it, and it's prettiness. :P

So sorry it took so long to re-thank you.

- Sarah