Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Onto the final stretch. I was only supposed to be there from 2pm til 5pm, but I was there til 8pm finishing off sketches for Mark, Mitchell and Troy (it's coming buddy!).

I had two sushi rolls at 1:30pm and just went into drawing mode...

THE FLASH: I am especially happy with this one. I liked it a lot. There was some debate as to do the newer eye holes on the mask, or the older white-eyes. We decided to go with the new.

MOHINDER: Aw, this one is on a bit of an angle, but it's not a bad Mo Fro. Again, I'd drawn him a hundred times in BLACKOUT, but I just went black. Thank god I just started drawing and it all came back. This gentleman said it was a present for his girlfriend. What a nice guy!

THE CROW: Ok, I think this was the sketch of the day. Lucky Siobhan! It's about as good as a sketch from me is going to get. Mood, texture, lighting, buckles. It's got it all. =)

HIRO NAKAMURA: A big cheesy grinning Hiro. Ahhh... too much fun.

IMPULSE: There was a mad scramble through back issues to find a good picture of Bart Allen. I think it all paid off though. I do like this picture. Never drawn the little guy before. It was a bit tough to draw a cartoony character in a more realistic style.

JACK KNIGHT: Unfortunately, it's really blurry but this was in the top 5 for the day. This is my friend Karl, and we'd previously bonded over the brilliance of James Robinson and Tony Harris' STARMAN. If you haven't read this, it's well worth the price of entry.

HIRO: Because everyone had wandered off by this stage, and because we're friends, Karl snuck in a second sketch. Given that it was Hiro, made my life a lot easier. I was starting to fade... "Yellow artist needs food badly!"

KENSEI: Apparently this was for one of Comics R Us' excellent customers who couldn't make it down. I had no reference, and just pulled this out of my head. I'm pretty damn happy with it! What a fluke!

CLAIRE: Not sure if it's for the same guy or someone else, but they scored themselves a really nice Claire. This is my new Claire angle, and I really like it. I tend to leave my Claire's in pencil these days. It just seems to do her more justice.

HELLBOY: This is Mitchell, one of the CRU boys who looked after me all day. I spent extra time on his and Mark's (following) sketch. The guys deserved it. I'm particularly happy with this Hellboy. Again, I didn't want it to look like Ron Perlman or a Mignola picture. I think it turned out nicely.

DR MIDNIGHT: Again the search for reference came true. I hope Mark liked this as I'm pretty happy with it. I was totally mentally broken. I pretty much didn't have anything else left in the tank. I went home. Watched an episode of Battlestar (3.10) and went to sleep. I had to be fresh and ready for a big day down at Chapel St the next day.


Sarah said...

Jason, I just wanted to take the time to thank you SO MUCH for all of the hard work you've put into doing art for the SArmy. We truly appreciate it, and you have no idea how much of a difference you will make in our cause.

Thank you.

-- Chudovishche (aka Begemot Geroi on 9thwonders)

Impish said...

I'm exhausted just reading all of this. Can't imagine actually talking and sketching nonstop to produce all that artwork. It's like some sort of masochistic perky smiling artist's bootcamp!

Simon Adams said...

Nice work! Particularly liked Hell Boy, Dr Midnite and Boba Fett.

Would've liked to come down, but work intruded. I'll try to make Saturday, just to say 'hi', but I'm having so much fun cyberstalking you, maybe I won't.

BTW, the Battlestar movie 'Razor' is doing the rounds. And it's damned good. Check it out.

jasonb said...

Sarah: heya bege! the art is incoming. I'm tweaking it to make it a bit cooler and print a bit better. I will donate the old art too.

Nicola: Lmao! I'm sure it's against UN regulations of treatment of human beings...

Simon: I spent extra time on the Hellboy and Midnight as they're for the guys working the store. Boba Fett turned out pretty cool too! Ran out of time to watch Razor last Saturday. Hostel 2 and Final Destination 3 got in the way.

Karl Uebergang said...

Ok so I go to comics r us on friday. just on pure whim. I dont usually go on fridays and I am walking up the stairs and I see HEROES GN signed byt Jason a man that I have not seen in a couple of years.

But it is on till 2pm and it was well after. So Im bummed, I get up there and there is Jason still signing so I sidle on over and he is very popular and very busy and suddenly I am nervous. I wait till he has time and babble. This is a buddy of mine that I havent seen in ages and I babble. Then I get the Jack starman sketch and then I relax and catch up and then get a second sketch for rachel my GF of Hiro and had an awesome day.

Then I wait to see if my sketch makes it and lo and behold I have been replaced with a fat version of myself. But there it is.

It was awesome to see you jason. Well done

Leigh Webb said...

Hey Jason thanks so much for the Impulse sketch, its really awesome. watching you draw got me fired up to do more drawings myself

The Badowers said...

The Crow totally knocked them out of the park, man! It was kick arse cool! Thank you sosososo much! I LOVE The Crow and you totally did Brandon Lee justice! Awesome work!

jasonb said...

Karl: It was so good seeing you again, mate! Thanks so much for sticking around and chatting. I really needed your extra energy that day. And that Starman is one of my favs.

Leigh: Thanks man! Get drawing! Draw your own damn Bart Allen. =)

Bads: Brandon Lee = God.