Monday, November 05, 2007


I have been contacted by some of you asking how the writer's strike in Hollywood is going to affect the HEROES graphic novels. Apparently they have up to episodes 11 and 12 in the can. But as most of you know, the graphic novels are created on a much tighter time frame. So how does the strike affect your HEROES graphic novel?

Funny you should ask.

I was recently contacted, by my editor, Frank about doing a HEROES story. The script by Chuck (0.07%) Kim came through. It's called "The Ten Brides of Takezo Kensei" and it's a ripper of a story.

Unfortunately, due to the strike, Chuck asked that the script be pulled. Apparently he also had a specific artist friend of his in mind to draw it. That's a huge shame as I would have knocked this one out of the park. This one is so up my alley it's not funny. So when you do see it, you can try to imagine if I'd drawn/painted it.

But to answer your question, this script is set after the events of episode 11 (it specifically says so). So they've pulled the web comic episode that's set after the week of episode 11. I have no idea if the stories before it have been pulled. But now you know that is your thin red line as far as the HEROES graphic novels go.

For those of you angry at how this affects you, consider these hard working writers who are asking to be included in the 21st century as far as financial credit goes. They're asking for compensation for internet and mobile phone sales of their work (currently there is little or none) and an increase from 4c per dvd sold. I don't think they're being unreasonable and I support them 100%. I just hope the networks and the writers can reach some sort of agreement soon.


Actually, I don't but I actually gave this image of Claire to for their INTERVIEW with me. They've had it for about a week now. I thought I should share it with you. For those of you interested in what I had to say, I will post the translated transcript over the next few posts.

This image set me back big time on my timeline on BLACKOUT. The opening scene for page 1 said:

"We’re CLOSER ON SURESH, but he’s still behind the windshield. Reflected in the windshield are images of the HEROES he’s talking about: CLAIRE running from a fire, NATHAN and PETER FLYING, HIRO wielding a Samurai sword."

I knew I wanted to draw these images as full posters and then paste them onto the windscreen. I knew that having them as full posters would be handy. Besides, I think the prize I was supposed to draw for Karathephantom back in the Jurassic period was of a similar image of Hiro. And I thought having a poster of Claire like this would be cool anyway. But I got so caught up drawing these images, I ran out of time to draw the Nathan and Peter one. Eventually I had to steal my art from the end of the Death of Hana Gitelman.

For those in Melbourne or heading down to Melbourne:


With the new HEROES graphic novel out, and as the major contributing artist, I will be signing at:

COMICS R'US CITY: 9th November 12pm-2pm
COMICS R'US CHAPEL ST: 10th November 12pm-2pm

I will have a new print run of sketchbooks ($15) and I will be doing sketches ($10) and autographing the graphic novel (free of course!). I hope to see you all there!


DrDx said...

Thanks ever so much for your comments on the strike. They were exactly what I had thought would happen if the strike goes as planned. It's now past midnight, EST and no ones broken into programming so I guess it's on. We'll find out for sure in the morning.

Too bad you didn't get that GN. Sounds like a good one and right up your alley! Hopefully there will be another one around the corner, as long as this thing gets resolved.

Karathephantom said...

Got my prize this morning, and I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am! You are *the best*.

Flawedprefect said...

Aw crap... gonna miss the signing by a few days. See you on the 16th... *sigh*.