Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I'm really eager to post some full pieces that I've done, but I'm sure people are more eager to see the pictures of their little heads.

As I mentioned, I had an extraordinarily good time on Saturday at the Classic Comics signing. I rocked up 20 minutes early from having lunch with Anh and her fiance Paul (from the 3 HEROES podcast). I was stunned by the crowd. The shop was full! The guys had even worked out entrance music and made me go out and come back in after they queued the cd. Hilarious.

Classic Comics are such great hosts. It was a really hot day and they came around constantly with water for everyone. I heard that my queue was about 2 hours long. I could have churned through it much quicker, but I wanted to make sure everyone got a really good picture. I was there from 3pm til 730pm drawing solid. I think I took one bathroom break as my hand was covered in lead and ink. It was so much fun!

The best thing was also having the HEROES graphic novel to sign. I felt like a rockstar author. It was pretty damn cool!

In looking over the photos of the sketches, I'm really happy with them, but cursing my shakey hand! So many are blurred. =(

HIRO: I opened the day with a Hiro. What a great way to start for me. Loosened the brain up. In fact, it was just last night when I was hassled by a horde of drunk guys on the train as I was working on comic book layouts. They said, "Mate, what're you working on?" I replied that I did comic books. They asked which ones. I said that I did the comics for HEROES and they didn't believe me. 30sec later I smashed out a (reasonable) Hiro and then had them all begging for pictures of Claire and Niki. Fortunately my stop came up just in time to save me.

I dig the Superman idea this guy had. =)

ELLE: It's Turtle from Armageddon! The number of familiar faces really knocked my socks off. It was so great seeing everyone again. If I remember he had the tiniest photo of her on his phone. It was a 3/4 pose, but it gave me enough information to turn her face on. The electricity around her hand is all silver pen.

JOKER: This guy read my blog and called me out. I'd mentioned that I had a "great idea for a Joker sketch" so he asked to see it. I explained that it was the same pose, but slightly different proportions on the sketch to make him less cartoony and more menacing.

TONY STARK: Such a cool idea for a commission. I wanted to make sure we knew it was Tony by drawing him in the Iron Man suit. I couldn't remember how the collar went. Looking right I saw I was seated right next to the latest issue of Iron Man. Fortune smiles upon me. =)

PETER: I now offer people either season 1 "Emo Petrelli" or season 2 "Lean, mean Petrelli." An unusual choice to go back to season one here, but hey, it's the one I draw the most.

HIRO: A more emotionally tame Hiro. I normally love the cartoony over the top emotion to my Hiro's, but it was nice to tone that down and explore something more subtle.

VENOM: I met this guy last week at Classic comics. A pity it's blurred. Unlike the last Venom I posted, I rendered this one in texta rather than pen rendering. I'm still not 100% happy with the result. They are each more evolved stages of artistic evolution. I will get there!

PETER & PAUL: Here's Paul from the 3Heroes podcast. For his fiance, Anh he asked for a Peter. She then asked if he could be topless and proceeded to launch in a hilarious rant about how much sexier Peter was this season. I was quite impressed as she'd really given the matter a lot of thought. That's also my sketchbook too. I'm thinking about selling these online too as people have been emailing me inquiring about them (just got Paypal set up!). I totally dig this Peter, by the way!

ZELDA: Last time I played Zelda, I think it was Zelda 2 on the Nintendo. Not the Wii, not the Gamecube, not the N64, not even the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, but the basic Nintendo Entertainment System in probably around 1991...? Anyway, luckily this guy's buddy had a Zelda game on him (As you do) so I could have some real fun with this picture.

I would argue it's one of the best I did that day.

SILVER SURFER: How nice is this guy? I believe this is for his father. He waited ages in line for a picture for his Dad. That's pretty damn cool! The rendering on the Surfer's right side is all in silver pen of course!


I'm leaving the call out open for now. I've got plenty to do and can't wait to start posting them. I also just got my Paypal set up to make things easier. Email me at grael23@yahoo.com and I will send you the document with examples and prices and you can figure out what you want from there.


James said...

Hey Jason,

I just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic Animal Man you drew for me, and my friends Supergirl and Link as well as the Silver Surfer.

Looking forward to more of your work,

PS. if you do get the chance any critique on our webcomic would be much appreciated, hopefully I'll get a picture up myself this week.
Thanks again!

jasonb said...

James: Man! You're one prolific sob! That's a lotta pages. Nice work! Glad you liked the sketches. I had a ball drawing them all. The Animal Man is hands down one of my overall best.