Thursday, November 15, 2007


Ok, heaps to get through today.

Firstly huge thanks to Reese, Brad, Jared and Ben for having me today on their radio program. It was great chatting about comics. Sorry if I waffled. I can talk for hours and if you get me talking about my favourite topic (comics), well you're going to need a sock with coins in it and a large swing to the back of my head to shut me up. We chatted about working on HEROES, doing likenesses, Malcolm McDowell's sordid art films, and LOTS of comics. Thanks for having me on guys, it was great fun. So 90.7FM in Melbourne Thursdays from 3-5pm!

I look forward to seeing all the Classic Comics guys on Saturday. It should be a blast of a day.

Secondly, massive thanks to The Sharp Brothers who posted a tough, but ultimately fair review from EW about the HEROES graphic novel. It makes special mention of me which blew me away. Read it here.


I was flattered away that they specifically mentioned me directly:

"The Wireless stories are the best, particularly the six-part ''War Buddies,'' which provides crucial backstory for the Linderman and Petrelli characters, as is the climactic installment, ''The Death of Hana Gitelman,'' nicely drawn by Jason Badower." (Jeff Jensen)

I'm like, "Woot! That's me!" It's so nice getting all this recognition. I spend most of my time in a dark room just drawing away. You have no idea how many times I doubt whether what I'm doing is good or a waste of time. It's so nice to come up for air every now and then and hear great stuff being said about you. It's the fuel that keeps me going.

NIKI: Riffing on the style of sketch that I did of her for Armageddon. It's not a great likeness, but it's got something about her.

SYLAR: Hmmm. Wtf is wrong with all my Sylars? I better get my Sylar act together before Saturday. It appears I have homework to do. It's a nice picture, though!

EMO PETER: This is my friend Craig who hasn't watched season 2 yet, so he wanted a season 1 Emo Petrelli. I'm starting to debate whether it's easier to draw his second eye or his damn hair. I don't mind this picture at all!

JACKSON: I'm pretty sure that's his name. The lovely girls who are coming next (on their last wave through) were lovely and patient enough to let this little guy and his dad come on through first. I wasn't going to do portraits, but kids are always easy to draw and this little guy seemed like such a nice dude. He wanted himself as the black Spiderman. This was easily one of the best pictures I did that day.

MARA JADE: So Jacinta pops down the reference for Mara Jade and I ask the question that almost got me kicked out of the geek club, "Who's Mara Jade?"

My friend, Craig's brother Brett tried to use the dark Jedi choking thing on me, and then when that failed almost leapt the counter to throttle me with his trusted hands.

Man. I watched the movies and she wasn't in the movies. But I promised I'd do Jacinta a good picture and here it is! Luke Skywalker's wife... Mara Jade!

DOYLE: From Angel. Now here's Jason's brain kicking butt. She handed me two photos of Doyle. And knowing what he kinda looked like anyway (I love my Angel) I was able to rotate his face in the photos to draw a completely unique picture of Doyle. I was VERY happy with this!

DRUSILLA: So remember how awesome my brain was at doing that rotating thing? Well this became the first sketch that I just threw out and started again. That sketch was the Spawn Of The Devil. I've exorcised my sketchbook and soaked my pens in holy water.

CLAIRE: It's so faint, but it's another "wistful Claire". I like the lightness of the pencils. This poor guy ran all the way from the city to make it. He got the venues mixed up. I'm so glad he made it and that I was able to do him a sketch. Thanks so much for going to all the effort!

PETER: Another first season Peter. This is the dude I drew the Nathan for. Now he has both the Petrelli brothers. That's a rare collection. If I knew he was going to get both I could have come up with some sorta cute concept.

JOKER: A sketch for someone who had to run off or couldn't make it. I'm not sure. I was at my wits end (coffee wearing off and my back starting to get sore from trying to keep good posture). I just didn't think, I just started drawing and the magic happened. I do like this sketch a lot. I think I'm closing in on my sorta Joker.

BATGIRL: Again a sketch for someone who couldn't make it. We decided to go with the 60s Barbara Gordon Batgirl rather than the new, gritty one. I think it was for a young girl, so I hope it was the right call. For reference they got me the Essential Batgirl which had the hilarious cover of Batman and Robin beating up thugs in the background, while in the foreground Batgirl did her lipstick. Oh, so wrong!

CLAIRE: I decided to take a risk and try a different angle of Claire. Turned out rather nicely. Maybe I should make her eyes lighter though? I'm amazed this turned out as nicely as it did given my state.

ROBIN: Been a long time since I drew the Boy Wonder. I have such a good idea for a Robin story. I'd like to get to it one day. Here's Tim Drake in all his glory.

Here's where I should get off my ass and design a proper website. I hate constantly having to repeat this stuff just in case it gets lost in older posts:


If you'd like me to do a commission, email me at and I will send you an email with the details and prices. Then you can make a decision as to what you want. My list is filling up, so if you want something before xmas, I recommend you get in now.

Signing this Saturday 17th, 3pm-5pm


Shop 7, 50 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

HERE is a map

Signing is free, sketches are $10 and sketchbooks are $15 (same as before).


Anonymous said...

wow, thats me right there holding the Sylar sketch~ never thought my pic would b on this site><" newho i really liked the Sylar u drew for me, totally worth the half hr transport n 1hr wait in line!! too bad u didnt find it to b the best one cos i like it...n didnt mean to nearly walk off with out paying u, i was jst so stoked that finally i gt a sketch!! thanks. maxim

Ororo_Munroe said...

I love the Joker, and the portrait of the little guy as black Spiderman.

Oh, and I didn't know who Mara Jade was either until I read it on your blog. Guess I'm not the nerd I thought I was.

It really is cool to find yourself in the press. Especially when good things are being said.

The Polsons said...

Catching up! Haven't been able to get on for a while.

Your Joker and Batgirl are amazing! Verrah nice! You just get better and better. And congrats on the GN mention! C'mon man... you can't possibly still be thinking you suck...?

((BTW.... I'm still waiting for my "proper Nathan". :) I'll take Season 1 or Season 2, your preference.))

Ororo_Munroe said...

He can't seriously think his art sucks. Jason, your art rocks! You know that right?

Lee said...

Consider your 'geek club' membership back on probation status. Don't know who Mara Jade is, disgraceful, I tell you.
The two colour work (ie. the magic red marker) really jumps off the page, very Sin City.

Impish said...

You can probably tweak your blog to add another block of text (like your bio and the links section) on the right hand side for "Breaking News" where you can put stuff in like your signings and radio appearances.

My tech geekery is stronger than my comic geekery. ... But even I know who Mara Jade is. (Lee would divorce me if I didn't know)

Digital Deviant Studios said...

"You have no idea how many times I doubt whether what I'm doing is good or a waste of time."

must be them ink fumes getting to ya

Simon Adams said...

You haven't watched Razor?! Something else was more important?! Soft. Cock. And Kingdom Come was just a filler story, huh? I just don't know who you are anymore. ;) (Well, that's not surprising, I haven't seen you in years)


Stef {Lilithia} said...

Sorry I couldn't make it to your signing on Saturday this weekend. I've been having troubles lately. :(

Kelly J. Compeau said...

Nice ink in EW, Jas. That's awesome!

Nice job on the Mara Jade, pic. You didn't know who she was? For shame!! I have all three of the Timothy Zahn books (on tape) that introduced the character.

KJC (whose official Star Wars fan club name is JaidaVaun)

The Polsons said...

And, for the record, this 41-y/o long-time geekette has no clue who Mara Jade is either.

jasonb said...

maxim: Hahah! Thank you so much for making all the effort to come down. I still like it, it's just not exactly what I had in mind.

Ororo: Those came out really nicely. Glad you like em. Yay! Someone else who doesn't know! Re: email - Looking in to paypal now. Oh, and I don't think my art sucks, I just didn't think it deserved the separate mention from EW, so that was really nice, especially after such a brutal review.

Willow: HEY! great to hear from you. Hey, I'm waiting for a proper Nathan too. =)

Lee: Damnit! It seems I'm always on probation! I'm a full-fledged card carrying GEEK!

Nicola: Heh. It probably could. I should look into that...

Sebastian: Heh. When I say "waste of time", I don't mean bad, but rather not up the exceptionally high standard that I hold myself to.

Simon: Just finished BSG season 3. Will wait for a good copy of Razor before I watch that. And while it's beautiful, Kingdom Come is "comics for comic readers" which makes it the best of my least favourite sort of comics.

Stef: Still ok to catch up on Friday?

KJC: And now we see another side to the KJC geek coin! LOL!!

The Badowers said...

Mara Jade Raaaaaaaawks! Awesome work, Jas. Even if you didn't know who she was, lol.

Doyle totally kicks arse! Even Angel thought he had an awesome wardrobe, which.... he stole, after his untimely death, lol.

Yes, Dru really is the Spawn of Satan! >:#

jasonb said...

Bads: yeah, a couple friends commented that they really liked that Mara Jade, and I'm especially proud of Doyle. Ha! Angel totally stole his wardrobe.