Thursday, November 22, 2007


And here's the home stretch for the Classic sketches:

BLACK CANARY: What's this character without her fishnets? It's a tough one to do a head and shoulders of. I've read enough Birds of Prey (Go buy it! Australian Nicola Scott does the artwork!) but I found this one really tough. Looking forward to drawing her again.

HAN SOLO: Good ol' Harrison! Here's the lovely Jacinta back again for a pressie for her mum. I knew my Enterprise wasn't the best, so I wanted to make sure this was a good one. She definitely wanted the grin. So I merged a couple of the photos she provided and got this. I do like it.

CAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS: From Torchwood. A great request from Siobhan. I'm extremely happy with how this turned out. It's a great photo merge for me. It looks like him, but unlike any of the photos I was given. Very happy.

Siobhan even asked me to write a sign saying, "The Badowers" implying that they might have a gallery of my stuff at home. I'd love to see a photo sometime. =)

YSANNE ISAADE: I know I spelt that wrong, but that's roughly right. I think. Here's the last of the three musketeers, Aurora. She even brought coloured sharpies so I could do this hot Imperial agent's blue and red eye. What forward planning!

I was so taken aback that the girls rocked up to all three of my signings. They were the only people that did. Given it was near the end of the day I presented to them the five HEROES prints that I had done: Peter, Sylar, Claire & fire, Claire and Bennet and the final page of the Death of Hana. Jacinta grabbed the final page, and I think Siobhan grabbed Claire and her dad and Aurora snagged Peter. Thanks for all the support guys!

PARKER SPIDERMAN: Friends commented that this was one of my best pictures from the innovative design. I had to confess that at that stage of the day, I couldn't figure out how his arm went, so I just drew it like this. Heh. Hiding behind design. I like this one though. I was really trying to channel McNiven's Spiderman. It's a strong design.

DEATHBLOW: This is Corey with a fun Deathblow sketch. I wish I had a better copy of it. My grey pen was running out so it started smearing the black creating a sorta of washy painted effect as it bled the black everywhere. I thought it was a nice and appropriate effect for the character.

CLAIRE AS SUPERGIRL: This has gotta be close to one of the biggest geek wet-dream sketches I've drawn. Hats off to Looch for having the balls to request it. It was a fun sketch to do. I'm sure it was as much fun for me as it would be for a chick drawing a shirtless Peter.

DIB VS ZIM: This was for a customer of Classic who couldn't make it. I started drawing this in Jhonnen's style. Then I asked myself what was the point? So at the prompting of one of the guys around me, I drew it in my own style. It's so much more fun! That's poor Mark (your Black Adam is being delivered today) being conscripted by me to hold up all my pictures.

LOGAN WITH A CIGAR: Even though Hugh Jackman did a great job, my vision of comic book Logan has to be the one I grew up with: short, hairy, ugly and smoking a cigar. I saw an amusing sketch by Alex Ross of Logan chewing on a toothpick as that's what he had to resort to after he was told he wasn't able to smoke anymore.

PETER: And a Peter to finish things off. He looks a little weedy... Sorry Milo. It's your season 2 haircut with your season 1 body.

So thank you to everyone who waited so long at Classic Comics. It meant to so much to me. It sounded like people were having a great chat in the line. I hope that you managed to channel any frustration into retail therapy and thus support Pino who does the tireless job of running Classic Comics.

COMMISSIONS: Yeah, I'm still taking orders until I freak out from the amount of work. Email me at for details and prices.

SKETCHBOOK: People have been asking me if I would sell these to people outside of Australia. Now that I have Paypal set up, I'm selling my convention sketchbook. I might do a proper entry. I gotta figure out how much to mail the damn thing to the states. If it would stop raining here in Melbourne (a rarity) I might venture out for post office details and a coffee.


Ororo_Munroe said...

You will be selling your convention sketchbook? The entire book to one person or individual sketches to many different people? If individual sketches I want in on that action! =D

When I shipped Paul's muchas gracias for designing SPen (very popular design) for the store it only cost $7.50 US. It was so much less than I thought it would be for shipping something nearly 9000 miles.

BTW loved your Logan. Hugh really did do a good job, but he was too tall. Wish I could say the same for Halle.

jasonb said...

ORORO: See current post for details on the sketchbook. Don't get me started on Halle Berry. I haven't seen the Monster's Ball which netted her the Academy award, but I'm stunned that woman has won any sort of acting award.

The Badowers said...

Did you enjoy your coffee, Jas?

Thanks again for the prints; we're still astounded!

By the way it's spelt Isard,(you got her first name right, well done!) :D

ryangibsonstewart said...

I really like the negative space in the Parker/Spider-Man piece.

jasonb said...

Bads: Thank you for the coffee! It was perfect except there was no rohypnol in it. It kept me awake during Bladerunner so that was perfect. Yay! I got half her name right. I didn't even know what to Google to check. Do I get half marks?

Ryan: Ha. Thanks man. I think I turned a problem into an asset there.