Thursday, November 15, 2007


I swear to god, I'm like the work experience kid. I'm an idiot.

The interview is TODAY (thursday) 4pm on RMIT radio on 90.7FM. So if you're in Melbourne, tune in!

Full blogage tonight.


Anonymous said...

hi Jason, i'm gonna be listening. hope you dont say anything stupid lol! good luck and dont forget to smile (even though you are on radio people will know if your smiling :)
xoxox Amy

jasonb said...

Hey Amy! Thanks for taking a break during your studying to listen to me waffle. I will make sure to smile more!

Anonymous said...

i could tell you were smiling :) i would prefer to listen to you waffle on about heroes and drawing than to study for exams anyway! so much better. its like way more calming than to try and work out my physics.
xoxo Amy