Monday, November 19, 2007


To all those who dropped in at Classic on Saturday, THANK YOU!!!

Especially a huge thanks to Giusseppe, Jared, Mark and Looch. Did I forget anyone?

I will start posting about Classic tomorrow.

In the meantime, here's the last bit of Comics 'R' Us...

After I finished at Comics 'R' Us, I had a couple left over. These were for Darren. He wasn't able to make it to Classic Comics the following week and was a great customer of Comics 'R' Us. I wasn't sure if I had the time to do these three, but I finished them all off that night while waiting for my rice to cook for dinner.

CLAIRE: I "cheated" on this. I didn't actually draw this for him. Before I do a signing, I do a couple of studies that morning to re-acquaint myself with their faces again. This was my Claire study. If you go back and look at the Claires that I did for the city and Chapel St. signings, you can see it was really obvious that this was my template.

VENOM: I like the rendering and the texture on his body and face. For a quick sketch it turned out really nicely.

THOR: He saw a Thor I did for a lady at Armageddon and wanted a similar one.

DIRTY HARRY: Troy, my steadfast research and reference assistant had done a sterling job and asked for a Dirty Harry. Without any reference that day, I left this one to go home and do properly. I knew it would be faster and turn out better. I think I did it between scanning layouts for Zero G.

SCORPIO: So when I dropped in the above sketches, I had forgotten to bring Dirty Harry for Troy as it was still in my scanner! I did rave about it, and Troy asked me for a Scorpio as Dirty Harry was his favourite movie. He said the problem was that because it was back in the 70s, there's not a lot of merchandise to go with it. He wanted a Scorpio like a wanted poster. I showed this to people and people actually recognised who it was, so I thought that was pretty cool.


Jess said...

Finally got around to getting on your page! It was so lovely to see you again on Saturday Jason; after meeting you at Armageddon (and the gorgeous, down-to-earth, warm personality you have) I couldn't wait to get my partner Darryl to meet you.

Needless to say, he was just as impressed and really glad to have met you as I did my first time! He's had a rough time of late, and meeting you really helped brighten his spirits.

Never lose that warmth mate :)

And I gotta say you were in fine form on Saturday too (shirtless Peter sketch anyone? Mmm!)

Cheers for putting me on your Armageddon post and remembering me and my wacky Mr Tea t-shirt :)

Luv Jess

Flawedprefect said...

*sigh* Anh created a monster. Tell me - how many shirtless peters did you get thru that day?

Ororo_Munroe said...

I'm diggin' the Dirty Harry!

jasonb said...

Jess: You are TOO kind. Well, you both brightened my day, so right back atcha! Hahahaha! I've created a shirtless Peter pandemic.

Paul: Hahahha. I think people were too embarrassed to ask for shirtless Peter, even though I offered. No one has your single-minded determination to please his partner like you do, Paul. =)

Lee: i love that Dirty Harry!