Thursday, April 19, 2007

HANA preview 2: Parkman!

First up, this is a request. I wasn't sure if I was going to post this because it's such a small picture. Really, it's practically a postage stamp on the page. It's a background shot (hence the lack of detail). When you see it in context it will make a LOT more sense why he's so sparsely drawn.

But a request is a request. Hope I didn't disapoint. Hang in there for a kicking Mr. Bennett (one of the best likenesses I've done) and then a Ted.

Ok, more on the process:

There's also two more steps before drawing. The first one is photo reference.


I love doing photo reference because I love working with models. I love creating a performance by collaborating with someone. It's incredibly satisfying. Unfortunately, all the Heroes stuff has been so pushed for time I've only been using myself, my tripod and my camera. To give you an idea of how I use it, on part 5 page 5 in the Petrelli Mansion, I modelled for Christine, Papa and the kid as well as Linderman on the next page. All I need is a rough idea of body language and posture. Sometimes I sketch over the top to explore stuff. Most often I just start drawing.

Photo reference is the fastest way that I can do performance, body language and proportion without stuffing around. At the end of the day, it's always just a guide and not a hard and fast rule.

NEXT: ASSEMBLING THE PAGE (then drawing! I promise!)


ryangibsonstewart said...

"A request is a request", eh? Okay, how 'bout this: I'd like to see the pics of you posing as the Petrelli Family. No, no, even better -- I'd like to see you posing as Au Co, the 10-year-old Vietnamese girl.

Hehehe. :)

jennifer said...

You know, you have to admit it's a little disturbing thinking that all the women in these comics started off as men... I don't think i'm ever going to look at Au Co the same again. :P

Now you've got me puzzling about why the blue background, and where must they be...

Mr. Bennet said...'re going to draw me? I feel so honored!

Leshia Doucet said...

Oh my! Awesome! There's a definite lack of detail, because he obviously (as you said) isn't the focus of the panel, but suffice it to say, I am a very happy panda right now. Looks great! Still getting used to your colouring too, love the shadows, particularly around the hand.

Looking forward to seeing the others! You've drawn Bennet before, but if I recall correctly, it was kinda rushed. And I"m still trying to wrap my head around clean-shaven Ted.

Oh, and the journey to get to the drawing stage is very "When is he gonna get to the fireworks factory?" of you. ;)


THE Bald Bob said...

I think someone made a similar comment on the last post, but the color scheme and shading are awesome. I can feel the mood of the piece just from seeing two small images.

Thanks for the insight on your process. Looking forward to the next post regarding drawing. As always, awesome job!

AcidBurn133 said...

Parkman! Parkman definately rocks :) Great job here, as always, although I cant' wait to see Bennet and Ted!

jasonb said...

I've asked about permission to upload some teaser images. KJC's advice is good advice. I'd hate to lose this job, and I'd hate to serve as a warning to someone else.

Thanks for the kind words guys! Yeah, mostly all the women are me! Even Au Co (you don't wanna see those photos).

I love Annette's work, but I have a distinctly different vision. As you can see, what Annette and I do is a collaborative vision. This is totally mine.