Wednesday, April 25, 2007

HANA preview 7:

I don't know why I even call these "HANA preview" anymore. I mean, even though it's the artwork, it's under an 80% white transparency and a bunch of text. It's hardly a preview. Hell, it's barely a tease.

Ah well. Old habits die hard.

I just got the script for part 2. It's a bit of a monster (ie. a lot of work). It also embodies the part of the job that I hate the most. The final page is a huge splash-page montage of the season finale. Which means I now know what happens to everyone. I know for a fact who the exploding man is and how they deal with him. I know what happens to Claire, Parkman, Suresh, HRG, Niki, DL, Sylar and Hiro (twice!). And while it's kinda nice knowing, I'm a big believer in learning this information in the best way possible... by watching the show! To read it as part of a comic script is kinda... well... underwhelming.

I'm going to try and take as much time on that page as I can. I think it will be worth it.

I just booked my ticket to New York, San Diego and Las Vegas this week. So I'm pretty excited. I will be in the US from about the 18th of July to the 7th of August. It would be nice to catch up with people. =)


AcidBurn133 said...

You're so totally my hero, Jason!!
It must suck to know the entire ending and a.) not be able to tell anyone about it, and b.) not have seen it on TV. Don't get me wrong, spoilers are fun and I love picking apart trailers, episode stills, interviews, and, of course, the novels, but I'm still always on the edge of my seat on Monday night! Tuesdays are fun, too, though - I checked the site first thing this morning to see if the new one was up. :)
btw, The 80% white layer works amazing on a PC, but with my laptop, I can tilt the screen back and see through it quite a bit more, just like the background on Hana's Myspace ;) So, in conclusion - the art is looking fantastic! Hana is looking even better here than before, and *that's* saying something! Take care! --AcidBurn

Leshia Doucet said...

Re: That last splash page: Tease! I wanna know what haaaaaaaaapens! But not really. Dammit.

Re: The Hana "preview": I totally love it, she looks great, especially her hair! I think. Who knows, maybe I'll see the finished product and think it sucks. ;)

One more week!


leah said...

Hey that sucks - I'm back in Melbs for the last part of July, and only back in NY at the start of August. But if you're here then, we should catch up - melee at vurt dot net works just fine! drop me a line!

- Leah

jasonb said...

ACidburn&Leshia: Yeah... you kinda wanna know, but then you don't. There's a fine balance between teasers, spoilers and just knowing the final result. I'm a big believer in the "journey and not the destination" with this sorta stuff.

Leah: great to hear from you! Will email ya. Sorry that we're going to miss each other. That sucks!

Anonymous said...

hey jase.

Tracked you down at last. Ping me at

DrDX said...

Sounds really, really worth waiting for! For everyone's sake, and your sanity, please remember to back up your work this time!!! ;-)

The Polsons said...

SQUEEE!!! You know what happens!!!!

THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY -- I have to work weekends and can't go to ComiCon! ARGH!!! I'm serious, I just about want to cry... X(

Well, I guess it's not meant to be, eh? Maybe next year. Hopefully I'll have a better job then (cross your fingers!)

I kept thinking of your comics as I was watching .07%... I felt like such an insider... hee... Big ol' grin and child-like clapping when he healed the orchid. 8-)

BTW, sorry I've been MIA, Blogger forgot who I was with the new Google login info. Meh.

And now, a few lyrics from one of my favorite songs:

The point of a journey,
Is not to arrive...
Anything can happen...

- Rush, "Prime Mover"

Anonymous said...

So, Jason, going by what you know about the finale, is it safe to say it wasn't spoiled in the latest online comic, String theory?

I don't believe it is but its so close to what most people actually believe will go down thats it kind of scary.

jasonb said...

acidburn: I also can't begrudge someone who goes to that much effort to see through the white layer. That's awesome. =)

drdx: I'm backing up ALL my linework before I colour it now. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I can take a hint from the universe.

Willow: aw no!! woulda been great to hook up (no news yet either) =(

Anon: See next post!