Thursday, April 26, 2007

HANA preview 8: HRG?

Well, saying I know the ending has generated some kerfuffle*. Here's the thing. You all don't want to know. All I'm going to say is that it's Heroes doing what it does best... A MEGA cliffhanger. You know they're already set for a second season, so really I'm just voicing what you already knew. But I will not say more than that. Seriously. Stop asking. SSSSSH!!!! You don't want to know. Well... not until you actually see it yourself.

The funny thing is that I'm actually a bit of a loose end. I have signed nothing assuring my silence. No non-disclosure agreements. Nothing. A bit weird. But there's no way I'm spoiling an experience as fun, complete and solid as Heroes. Too few things come along in this life that are this much fun, pure and enjoyable.

I can't wait for you all to see what I've been working on. I just think it's such an exciting visual step for me. I've just started the second story and it's daunting. I get to draw Niki and Micah, so I'm pretty excited about that (oh yeah, as well as everybody else on the splash page). But the rest of the story is well... epic. I don't know how or if they're going to refer to this in the series. It's just so unusually... big.

I get to also draw Hana as a kid, and I reckon I just drew the cutest 9 year old kid ever. That's right. Ever. No, the deadline, lack of sleep and pressure hasn't affected me at all. I'm the same humble artist who began this project. But I just drew the cutest kid. Ever. That's right. Warn Wikipedia and Google, cos when you search "cute kid" it's going right to this picture.

Anyway, enough ranting and procrastinating. I gotta throw this kid off a roof.

* kerfuffle: commotiony sorta noise-like action.


Flit said...

Maybe they're working on the fact that you want to keep working for them, and if you go spoil things, well then, you're screwed.

I'm glad you're not, though, I would hate to find out everything. Sure, I check out the pictures and the scenes they release, but I don't want to know everything just enough to tide me over.

But that does suck, finding out that way. Then again, you get to draw the kickarse comic that goes with it, so maybe that's an okay balance :D

So glad you've managed to pick yourself back up, and I'm hanging on until the 1st of May (which I think will be the 2nd for us) to see it all. I don't know if I'm more excited about the episode or the comic...

The Polsons said...

A huge CLIFFHANGER?? What. The. Hell. I mean, I didn't expect them to wrap everything up like the end of a movie or something, but... A HUGE CLIFFHANGER???? They promised this wouldn't be another Lost or Twin Peaks... I hope they know what they're doing... grrrrrr....

Another fun update, can't wait to see whatcha got!

(PS, we use kerfuffle here too, usually to indicate some politician(s) getting their knickers in a twist over something)

AcidBurn133 said...

Awesome HRG! He looks like he's going somewhere cold... Perhaps that Alaskan facility where they trained Hana? ;)
I love spoilers. I have to see all of the clips and the previews and hear little tiny details before every episode, but at the same time, this show still takes so many unexpected turns each week that no matter how much you've read or theorized, you're still surprised! I can't wait to see the splash page, though - I want to see Mohinder! lol. /endfangirlyness
Thanks for the comment on Peter, btw!

PS: Kerfuffle is an awesome word. We don't use that here, sadly.. Maybe I should start using it around friends and it'll pick up - I did that with 'brill'. A few of my friends have started using it now lol.

wolfbro7 said...

Hi Jason.

I'm one of the Moderators on 9th Wonders and I have sent an important question to your Private Messenger there.


PS: I can't just post that and not mention how much I really enjoy the the beautiful work you do on the Heroes online comics.

Anonymous said...

Very well, win this round.

And Polsons, there are alot of shows that have ended their seasons with a big cliff hanger. Its something thats been done long before Lost ever came around.

Its about building anticipation, excitement and fueling discussion until the next season rolls around, not leaving the fans in the dark.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

You're adorable, Jas. I just love you to pieces.

Oh, and thank you so much for emailing me the complete shooting script for the first season finale. What a cliffhanger, indeed!


PS: That was a joke, guys. As if he'd do that.

jasonb said...

The only show (that I can think of right now) that doesn't have a huge cliffhanger at the end of season 1 is Veronica Mars (which I love). I mean, that actually ends season 1.

flit: i think so too, but it's a damn big gamble to take on their behalf. I mean, what if I decided to throw the whole comic gig in and become a dirt farmer? They'd be in a jam.

polsons: Yeah! Great use of kerfuffle. Look, I like what they're doing. They have another season, so it's not like they need to end stuff. I just hate when shows end before they deal with everything (ie. Firefly - yeah, I know they did Serenity, but I waited a LO-ong time for that).

acidburn: I will do my best on Mohinder. Just for you. "Brill" is great. My favourite word I made up is, "doable". ie. "Yeah, that's totally doable".

wolfbro7: great message. i'm going to deal with it next post.

anon: not sure what I won, but will there be cute ring girls before the next round?

KJC: Yeah, I know! I totally didn't expect Batman and Peter to actually fight! It was so cliche! (jk!)

Rinibini said...

LOLOL... I've had a long two days and I just love coming to read your blog. I too can sorta make out the artwork if I tilt my laptop screen and they look GREAT!

I personally am one who believes that knowing the end helps me enjoy the middle that much more... but I'm a weird breed. While most people who know an ending usually don't take the time to read/watch how they got there I LOVE those parts even more because I know where it's going to end up. Anyway like I said weird.

And although I can see from your previous work that you are a fine artist and I'm sure the pic of Hana as a child is fantastic unless you carbon copied pictures of my kids there is no way you drew the cutest kid ever! LOL


RyanGibsonStewart said...

You're awesome at the spoiler-tease. You give away lots of info...without saying anything at all. Classic.

Any idea when your stories are coming out? I know your deadline for Part 1 just passed, and I'm sure Part 2's deadline is coming up, right? Are they being released on Monday or will it be the next week, or sometime later? Just curious.

Looking forward to NYC. Fun!

CurlyMarie said...

Dear Jason, please DON'T tell us ANY MORE about what's coming in the season finale! :) I want to enjoy these last few episodes without knowing ANYTHING about what's coming, if I can. I hate spoilers!

Now, on to my comment about your post. I'm glad we're going to see these things soon. It's really fun to anticipate the arrival of the comic when you've gotten a little backstage peek into its creation. :)

trying hard to live in her spoiler-free bubble. ;)

jasonb said...

rinibini: I know what you're talking about, and it's kinda cool watching it all fall into place. But what you're depriving yourself of is experiencing it as it was intended to be experienced in the first place. Every time you re-watch it you can watch them put the pieces into place. Watching 0.7% something was a little lost for me. I laughed my ass off at your comment about your kids though. I think that's a debate I'm going to have to conceed to every parent out there. =)

ryan: all your questions answered tomorrow!

curly: Your spoiler-freeness is my mandate! I promise.

Dreaux said...

HRG,looks like he is in the middle of a snow storm. He's wearing a fur trim jacket and his glasses are in his right hand...Intriguing.