Saturday, April 28, 2007

HANA preview 9: You lose.

Apologies that there was no post yesterday. I had more important things on my mind. What could be more important than keeping you whacky kids up to date? Well, all last week I had been uploading artwork. Now even though I'm on ADSL my upload is much slower than my download. Each of the artfiles is between 60MB to 90MB and would take anywhere up to 5 hours to upload.

Now Heroes in Australia is about up to episode 12. I have to download the episodes to stay up to date. We have been waiting weeks for 0.7% and I had to wait an extra week cos my internet was all tied up uploading art. It was driving me crazy. So last night I realised that if I left my computer on all night I should have 0.7% downloaded by the morning. The problem is that Blogger craps itself when this fileshare software is running.

So it was a tough decision: Heroes or Blog.

Sorry, but you guys got the short end of the stick on that one.

But I FINALLY got to see it! Almost a week late. Man, I had fun. Even knowing the end, my brain's in knots trying to figure out how they get there. I was also really disapointed to see that Ted was shaven. In my comic he's still wooly. No one told me that he was clean shaven! That really annoyed me. I'm going to ask to see if I can redo those panels. If I can't you will have to forgive me.

One of the moderators of the 9th Wonders forums (Wolfbro) contacted me regarding an issue that I had been foremost on my mind also. I will chat about it more tomorrow when I have more information. Wolf: I've asked my editor what's going on.


RyanGibsonStewart said...

I'll gladly take the short end of the stick any day if it means the big end comes in the form of a kick-a$$ graphic novel.

Or chocolate.

Flit said...

oh, is that Sparrow? okay, I know you can't tell me. And maybe she forgot her hat. I've had to use the umbrella before when I didn't have a hat, but I suppose things are different in Australia when you're a highrisk skin cancer person.

3 more days till we get your first part :D Can't wait.

and thanks, Ryan, all I want now is chocolate, and it's too cold and dark to go out and get some *sigh* probably for the best.

AcidBurn133 said...

I think all of us can live without a blog update if it means you finally get to get caught up! ".07%" was amazing!
As for the new preview image, I'm getting the dreaded little red 'X' in the box :o
I guess I'll just have to wait until Tuesday! *gasp* I swear, I see more spoiler images for your graphic novel than I do for the episodes! lol. Hope it's going well and no more saving issues ;)
Take care!

The Polsons said...

But what about downloading Rush? ;)

I understand about connectivity, we have satellite here at my place and I can't stream anything. But happily I work at a place that has WiFi and my boss doesn't care what I do when it's slow (including watch streaming Heroes!)

Sadly, I'm getting the box with the red X too, even if I attempt to open it in a new window. Feh.

I'm going to be annoying now... :) I've written fan fic about Sparrow, and I'm trying to get them to use my story for her background and abilities. If any of you reading this like what I've done, join the cause and email Greg Beeman! :)

Ottrree said...

Re your comic: Not to worry. If you can't redo the panels, we'll just have to figure that something about Ted's Gift has a side effect of making him grow hair REAL fast. 'Nuff said. :)