Tuesday, April 17, 2007

WAR BUDDIES - part 4 page 6

Man, I thought this was a solid page. It doesn't look rushed at all. This is probably pretty close to how I would draw it if I wasn't pressed for time like a jittery safecracker with the cops on the way.

I'm happy with all the illustrations on this page. I love the angel. The problem with drawing statues is that you don't want them to look like people. You don't want people going, "Why is there an angel there?" I like the camera angle on the top two panels. I really wanted to pull back. I felt the dialogue adequately communicated who was who. I enjoyed adding that sense of scale.

Panel three has a very satisfying performance from the two characters for me. I'm glad they used that panel as the preview, it's a good one. Linderman is in control, and Petrelli is a little out of his depth. I tried to communicate that by giving Linderman the higher ground and a very Machiavellian look. I also like Petrelli's worried expression.

Hana! Not only did I not have to draw people in army clothes (I was so sick of those shirts and pants with all those pockets, I woulda given Annette a run in the capsicum/pepper-seizure department) but I also got to draw a chick! It's not a bad picture of Hana. It's got nothing on the ones I'm drawing now. I will post some preview shots over the next few days. I'm so excited to show what I'm doing.

I felt the final panel was uncecessary, but I tend not to argue with NBC. If they say jump, I try and jump to the best of my ability.


ryangibsonstewart said...

For me, this page is a front-runner with the kablooey page (in the last issue) for the best page of the series. This page is quiet and reflective, but there's an undercurrent of turmoil...Plus it's fun to see the Angel of the Waters statue. Central Park looks great--us New Yorkers enjoyed the shout out.

Anonymous said...

I read in the previous comments (page 5) that you didn't do part 6??? That's weird.
And according to the title panel on it, Mark Warshaw did the story, and the pencils were done by Staz Johnson. Any idea how I could contact them with a question?

I would really like to know how to get in touch with that person, since I wanted to know where they got all the names for the last panel. As a member of the 9th Wonders forum, we are pretty sure that 90% of the names were cribbed from a list we have going, called "The Marked", but we would like to know where the other 10% came from.

To see our list of the names in that panel, go here: http://www.9thwonders.com/boards/index.php?showtopic=53796&st=40#

e-mail: ryqril@hotmail.com

RyanGibsonStewart said...

I saw your list you made of all the names mentioned on the last page War Buddies, Part 6 -- great work!. I made a similar list.

You can contact Staz at his blog, but you should know that he wasn't the one who used chose the names or even included them. He also is not quite what I'd call "prompt" at responding to messages. :) The person who chose the names was Mark Warshaw, who wrote the graphic novel. Mark is also in charge of all the Heroes 360 content. However, he doesn't have any public contact information, sorry. The names seem to come from people who registered on Hana's website, if I'm not mistaken. If you want to talk to me further, you can contact me by clicking on my name above.


jasonb said...

ryan: Hahahah. Yeah that is the Angel of the Waters statue. I wanted something iconic that would set the scene so people in the know would know where we were.

Buxumblonde: I Yeah, I noticed the handles on the list too. I thought that was pretty cool. Good luck contacting them. I don't have any information. =(

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys!
I'll be sure to let you and your readers know if I have any luck.

Awesome work, by the way, Jason!
I can't wait to see those 2 11-pagers you're talking about!
Don't burn yourself out doing them, though, because we need you for more.