Saturday, April 14, 2007

WAR BUDDIES - part 4 page 3

Well, well, well.

The good news is that "The Jas" is gonna be one busy guy (I'm speaking in the third person and given myself a monicker as I've cracked under the pressure). I just got given a 22 page Heroes story that is revelatory. I've got the first 11 pages and they're a LOT of fun. It's a Hana story, but Ted, Parkman and HRG are there. I'm really looking forward to drawing this.

The bad news is Annette won't be joining me. She has other committments which she can't get out of. God forbid she's a woman of her word. Currently I'm in negotiations to colour it myself. I really hope they let me do it. It will be faster and be a lot closer to my vision. It won't be Annette, but hey... I'm only human.

11 pages in 11 days. I'm insane. Just insane.

Page 3 quick notes:

panel 1: What I referenced was the bronze medal of valor here. Annette coloured it silver cos that's what the script asked for: two silver medals.

panel 2: I was totally pushed for time here. I had an idea for a whole inside of a command tent... But well... Yeah. I do wonder how they got these filing cabinets and desk into the field. But hey, no one complained.

panel 3: Look how dirty our boys are compared to the guards. Great work Annette. I found that hilarious.

panel 4: Whamo! I didn't want to go too "superhero" here, as I just didn't think it was appropriate. A good solid sock to the jaw is what I wanted. As a side note, I forgot to draw stubble on Dallas here, but Annette saved my ass. Apparently she stole Sylar's from ROAD KILL.


This caption does not exist on my script. I believe it says something like, "The things that Austin can do "may be invaluable" to the army."

Less talk more arting!


CurlyMarie said...

Wow! Congratulations on the big 11-page job! Is that the rest of the War Buddies series, or is it for something upcoming? I can't wait to read it. :)
Thanks again for sharing all of this with us. And actually, the panel I like best on this particular page is Austin running out of the tent. I'm not sure why--I just think it's expressive and interesting.

Leshia Doucet said...

I too, am fond of how the boys are such dirtballs compared to everyone else. I also really like the shadows in the tent.

And eek! An actual, normal-comic-book-sized Heroes sory? Drawn by you? With my boy Matt? AWESOME. Also rather daunting from the sounds of it, especially with no Annette :(, but nevertheless awesome. The Jas shall persevere.


Kelly J. Compeau said...

Y'know, Jas -- if I may call you Jas -- I'm an award winning graphic artist. The picture of me, next to this blog entry, that's all Photoshop, baby. I actually look like Rosie O’Donnell. So, if you find yourself overworked, I'll be glad to help you out with the colouring.

KJC (just helping out a friend)

jasonb said...

Curlymarie: Thank you! I'm pumped. And it's TWO 11 page stories for a total of 22 pages. I will post a small preview after War Buddies. I'm glad you like that. To me, Austin has become Linderman as of the last page. I wanted to indicate that.

Leshia: yeah, Matt! I love Parkman. He's just so human. He's got real empathy. Hahahaha, the Jas has almost finished page one, so I'm pretty excited.

Kelly: I wish I could use you! By the time I read this I had already started colouring. Also, it takes a really long time for a new colourist to figure out what I'm doing. It's more than just being a Potatoshop whiz. It's about gelling creative talents. And we just don't have the time! Which is why I didn't ask for any of their in-house colourists either. Thanks so much for the offer though. Means so much.