Saturday, April 21, 2007

HANA preview 4: Sorta Sprague...

Ok, so as you can see, I've had to take down the images. Frank said, "Our proprietary contract states no art or story elements will be released early w/o NBC’s consent. I don’t think you or us would get in trouble or anything, but it certainly wouldn’t look good if they found out."

And let's face it... I'm all about looking good. =)

So sorry guys. There's a ghost of the image there... Just to let you know that it is being done.

Here's an update I posted on the 9th WONDERS Forums regarding the Hana dress competition:

"Wow! Wow! Some incredible designs here.

What's quite funny, is that I started out with a very clear idea of what I wanted, but as I looked through them I got more and more of an idea what Hana would wear.

Some clarification on why I might/might not select your suggestion:

1. I can't draw the texture or do the colours. Some prints are extremely complicated and I just can't do some things.

2. I couldn't make out all the details of the dress that I need.

3. I just thought it wasn't appropriate for the situation. This one you're going to have to trust me on. I can't give you any more details. Sorry!

6 more hours then I take my favourite to the page!"

More drawing. I will continue the process discussion tomorrow. Sorry, I'm a bit behind my personal deadline (which is still way ahead of the actual one).


AcidBurn133 said...

Aw, that bites that you had to take them down, but we wouldn't want you getting into any trouble! From what I can see through the white and the text, Ted's going to be pretty awesome :) I really can't wait to see the whole thing completed.

I posted the dress sketch on the 9th Wonders! boards - same sn over there, as well. Good luck on picking one - Hopefully this will be the closest you'll ever have to get to dress shopping, lol.

jennifer said...

totally sucks you have to take them down, but better to be safe than sorry. Just have to wait until it's released now *sigh* Wish I was Hiro and could jump forward, save a lot of time-wasting-waiting. (if you squint slightly and turn your head to the side you might get a bit of Ted... or more of a blurry image *sigh*)

And urgh to the dress, but you're right, best to stick to the script else you're making life harder for yourself. Well, I'm sticking to the black look I said earlier. I just think she's a black girl. Maybe a bit of red with the lippy, but I see her as a lover of the little black dress. So I've found a bunch of different styles for you, hopefully they help :D


Personally I think six is the best one... but that might just that the model selling it there. But two is good as well because I just think it would be great to see her in a halter neck. With shoulders like hers, it would be the best way to make her not look bulky.

Anyway, hope that helps :D