Sunday, April 08, 2007

WAR BUDDIES - part 3 page 5

Boy, was I pushed for time on this page. I remember Annette telling me she needed it by lunchtime. I woke up at 7am and finished it by 12pm. I normally like to take almost twice as much time with a page, but this just came down to the deadline.

I decided to start with the last panel first. Normally I like to start with the first panel and work my way through in the order that's on the page. I find I discover things about the characters and the performance that I then allow to influence the latter panels that I draw. As a side-note I really like the run that the woman does in the first panel. At first I didn't think it was dynamic enough, but it looks like how my mum would run (she doesn't do a lot of running at her age). It's really convincing to me.

But I thought I should finish on a really strong image so the majority of the time on the page is spent on the final shot. I then worked back to panel 3, but being so pushed for time I knew I wouldn't get time to do my grey layers (man, they take a lot of time), so I went for heavy blacks to try and highlight just how bright the flames are behind them. I'm especially disapointed with panel 2, the black on Dallas' face just doesn't look great at all. It looks... unfinished to me.

The reason whay all the watches are flipping here is because at the last minute I decided to flip all the panels on the page. It just read better for me. We naturally read left to right, and I just felt that Austin needs to jump from the right holding us back from visually progressing in the natural direction we want to read in.

As Ryan also noted, it was page 4 and 5 where Annette and I consciously tried to "blow up" the previous artist's colour pallette. It just seemed like the best opportunity to change things to the way that we wanted to draw.

From here on in and into the next story it's all us.

I can't wait to discuss the next story.

I just got my next Zero G script and it's a laugh-out-loud roller-coaster ride of fun, thrills and adventure. I can't wait to get started.


RyanGibsonStewart said...


Please don't confuse my fan site contributions with the work you do. We both have "real" jobs, but there are no deadlines at If I have a hard day at work, or if my sons need extra attention, I don't post at heroeswiki. You, on the other hand, have deadlines and time crunches. Me, not so much. :)

The Heroes graphic novels have ended with cliffhangers before, but never this dynamically. I'm really anxious for the next installment (a sentiment widely shared, I'm sure).

I'm also glad you'll have a little more time to yourself, now that this run of Heroes work is through, and you can focus on Zero G--without any real pressure!


Bram said...

Even though you spent less time on this page, it's amazingly good. I especially like panel 2 (the one with Dallas looking to the right and Austin in the back). In that panel, the detail is amazing. Dallas strongly resembles Nathan... I like Austin's facial expression and how he is about to take a jump towards him.

In the last panel, Austin's facial expression is extraordinary. Dallas's squint is good as well. I find that their stances very realistic.

In the first panel, I like how the two silhouettes are in the background. Heh, the two Au Co and the lady running is amusing, I liked it.

You've done a quite a job in the last panel. How Austin tackles Dallas was well depicted.

All I have to say is that you should be proud of yourself. This is amazing!


Panda-chan the Sylar fan said...

Jason -
Mega cool, man! I love the art work!

Did you go to art school? And if so which one?

I want to be in a similar line of work.... do you have any tips on how to get my work out there?

jasonb said...

ryan: ahhh a fair point. while yours is also a fair amount of work, yours isn't deadline based. I can't wait to see everyone's reactions to the next installment! It is VERY VERY interesting!!! As I said... It features a location to be previewed in episode 19.

bram: if im going to cut corners on anything it's not going to be expression, body language of performance. Those things are the most important things for me. Getting the likenesses right is important too. There's already too much debate about who these guys are without my rushed drawing adding to the dilemna.

panda_chan: I never went to art school. Ever. I stopped learning to draw in year 10. Advice? Want it more than anything in the world. Practice, practice, practice. (I reckon I've drawn at least 2 hours for every day of my life).

HERO said...

Oh man! Nice job with the likeness of Ms. Wireless! And the secret's "out" (though you already helped us out with your spot-on illustrations...)! The pdf version of graphic novel #28 is already online; does that mean you can discuss more about the story?

Thanks again for your great work!

Anonymous said...

Can you reveal the words you blacked out yet? :) Seeing how the script refers to Au Co's powers might make documenting her power easier. :)

THE Bald Bob said...

Just saw the new GN that came out. Awesome job with Hana. Definitely the best one of her. Overall a great job.

HERO said...

Is the park where "Dallas" and "Austin" are meeting Central Park in New York?

RyanGibsonStewart said...

Well, well, my boy, you've certainly done an awesome job with that last installment of War Buddies! Story: very nice. Back to your style: refreshing. Hana's boobs: perfect. And my favorite part was Angela Petrelli -- she was only there in one shot, but she was a perfect likeness of Christine Rose. Can't wait to hear what you have to say about each page.


jasonb said...

I'm at work now, but I will post as SOON as I get home.

I can't wait to read the forums!