Sunday, April 29, 2007

HANA part 2: Aw crap.

As I mentioned in my last post, a couple days ago Wolfbro, one of the 9th Wonders forum moderators contacted me about an issue that I had been contemplating myself.


As I mentioned, the last page of my second comic features a spoiler featuring all the cliffhangers from the season finale. I did the math and realised that if the first part was posted next week, then we're going to see the cliffhanger page well before the final episode goes to air.

So I asked my editor for confirmation as to when my comic goes up.

There's good news and there's bad news.

The good news is that the second of my comics will be uploaded the day after the season finale.

The bad news is that the first part doesn't come out til the 14th of May.

Oh man! What am I going to do for 2 weeks! I'm dying here! I just want to show everyone everything that I've done. Ack!

So the webcomics are going to be spoiler safe... but I have to wait 2 weeks to talk to you guys about it all.


RyanGibsonStewart said...

Bummed...but that makes much more sense.

Flit said...

Mate, while I figured it out earlier, I think this pretty much confirms that you get probably one of the most important comics in the whole lot. The finale piece, possibly the last word the writers say on season one.

That is just so cool.

hope I haven't made you nervous or anything :P But what an honour, just goes to show we aren't the only ones to think you've been the best artist out of the bunch. (not that that mean everyone else has been terrible).


and drat, the 14th? I was getting so excited about seeing it on the 1st, but I suppose I can wait. Don't think I have a choice.

THE Bald Bob said...

That sucks that you have to live with the spoilers so far in advance of the finale. But hey, at least you're "in the loop". Feel special.

The Polsons said...

Yep, flit's right. You scored big, dude. :)

And I was kind of wondering about the timing too, but figured someone who decides these things wouldn't make such a huge mistake as to release the grand finale comic before the season ender.

If I can survive the spring hiatus, I can survive this too. Heh. :)

Dreaux said...

I have a theory as to who that man in the picture is and why he is looking at us.

That man, is Papa Petrelli...[and that image looks like a comic rendition of Dennis Hopper.]

And he's looking at us because, surprise!, he's not dead.

AcidBurn133 said...

May 14th? May 14th? Drats, and I was so looking forward to seeing the first one on Tuesday. You know what that means, right? Part 1 had better be the most awesome comic ever after making us wait so long and teasing us with ghosted images ;) lol.
In response to your response to my response on your last blog: Mohinder! Yay! Sorry, random fangirl outburst. My best friend and I say that after one of us says "Mohinder" in conversation. Oh, and I found myself saying 'doable' in response to my, er, modification of the Vote Petrelli logo ("Petrelli for President" t-shirt, here I come!).
As for the new preview, I'm not sure why, but I agree with dreaux in thinking it's Papa P. The high forehead, the lines diagonal lines on the brow, the nose, the face shape, the eyebrows, the lines under the eyes... I'd say either him or some other close relative. Flashback scene, perhaps? Or maybe a picture on the mantle? I can't wait to find out! (and did I mention, I can't wait to see Mohinder? haha. Well, I can, especially if seeing Mohinder would mean seeing spoilers). Keep up the good work, Jason!

Lee said...

Just a quick note here, as one of Jason's friends, about how much he enjoys everyone's comments here. For those that haven't worked it out so far, the Heroes gig he has at the moment is something that's chewing up a lot of his time, but that he's enjoying every minute of. On the few occasions he is allowed out of the dimly lit dungeon he produces artwork from he always comments on how the feedback he gets here and on the 9th Wonders site keeps him fueled to keep going.
The completed artwork looks stunning and I think you're all going to be real impressed at the style, colour and life he puts into each page. He is under threat of a painful death if he shows the spoiler page to any of his friends (we're all big fans of the show and DON'T want to know in advance) but from what we have seen, it'll be worth the wait.

Rinibini said...

Major Bummer! But I can't wait to see it:)

The Polsons said...

Hey, rinibini, thanks for the idea -- DH and I are always looking for good names when we're playing Battlefield 1941. I think one of us will be Major Bummer next time. LOL I'm usually either Col. Sanders, Col. Mustard or Captain Crunch. Heh. Hmmm... I just noticed... those are all food related...

Ando Masahashi said...

Aw man

I really wanted to visualize another Badower perfection by tomorrow morning...

any word on comics during season hiatus?

Rinibini said...

LOL about the Major Bummer and battleship:) Glad I could help.

Bozinka said...

Ah, that explains it.

As I said, catching up on your blog, and wasn't sure why the pictures weren't there now, when it said "Come back after the 1st!" Now I know...

Leave it to Wolfbro to figure out the math thing... lol. He's good at the small details. Ah, well, guess we just have to wait 2 more weeks for your comics.