Friday, April 06, 2007

WAR BUDDIES - part 3 page 4

I can't rave enough about what an impact Annette made on this page. They used the picture of Dallas as the preview image for the comic, and they couldn't have done better. Annette took care of all the bullet casings (I forgot them!) and the blood spatters. The drama she brings is magnificent. I've said it time and time again. Annette's not just a colourist - she's a storyteller. Look at the energy that she brings to it!

Whether it's on the page or making the page, energy is a really pertinent factor when drawing comics.

As an illustrator, drawing a single picture is like running a 1 km (2.16miles) race. At about the the halfway mark you really have to dig a bit and for the last stretch you need to find your final wind. It's a nice challenge, but pretty easy.

As a comic artist, imagine that each panel is a 1km race. Each page is like running 5km (not something you want to do daily). Each comic is like running an emotional marathon. And at the end of the day, you're not done til the entire project is done. And you have to keep the energy consistent for the entire page. As I've said before, a page is only as strong as its weakest panel.

Throw in a full-time job... and well... It almost ressembles tough work. My days resembled this:

7:00am: wake up. Coffee. Breakfast. Email. Check proofs from Annette.
7:30am: start drawing
11:00am: Start work at the gym.
8:45pm: Finish work.
9pm: Eat dinner, watch season 3 Veronica Mars (now finished and loved it!).
10pm: Draw.
1230pm: Clean up. Head to bed.
1pm: Sleep.

Do that for two weeks (using weekends to basically totally draw - one day I was drawing solid from 6am til midnight) and it's pretty grueling.

I gotta say the one thing that really kept me going on the second book was the fan feedback on the forums and on this artblog. The response, the appreciation, the speculation, the excitement, the trust and the respect have meant the world to me. I love this show, and I apologise if I couldn't give 100% every panel but I gave everything I had left.


RyanGibsonStewart said...


I, of course, am a big Heroes fan, and am very dedicated to keeping up my corner of the Heroes world, even while maintaining my own full-time job (I'm a 2nd grade teacher). I likewise appreciate the dedication anybody else has for what they do. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of your life without an ounce of complaint.

The art: This is by far my favorite page of the six. It seems you and Annette really gelled more than usual here. Plus, it's somewhat ironic that this is the panel in which you guys, um, "destroy" the look of the previous artist's work and necessarily break out into what you is more typically your style. The colors are vibrant, the action bold, and the emotion raw.

Plus, I love the spilled brains.


FrenchFlo said...

Hey Jason, I don't have the word to tell you everything I wanted to tell but I really enjoy this blog and it's really cool to see black and white draws when we only have final colored version. Your work is just awesome and I can't wait for War Buddies, part 5 and see Hana!!! By the way, the printer of my father's work (the world's best printer lol!) will have to print sooo much page nowww!!! Paper versions arree so classy!! :)
See ya soon! And good night from France!

The Polsons said...

I have been remiss in thanking Annette, the best colorist in the universe! Please forward my sentiments, she truly is phenominal.

Ryan: I... liked? the brains too... very disturbing and realistic. I couldn't stop looking at that part of the image, like a car wreck... (I hope you know what I mean here). Absolutely brilliant art, and they both work so well together as artists.

HERO said...

Wild! Drawing in addition to a full-time job?!? Yowsers! That's quite a talent! You and Annette have skills of which I'm totally in awe.

"Everyone who posted in any way gave me the energy and inspiration to finish it strong. So page 5 and 6 of the next story is for you guys."

That's so great that the 9thW members help motivate ya, too!

"Plus, I love the spilled brains."-RGS Is that something all 2nd grade appreciate? ;)

Thanks for your illustrations, and I hope you get the time to recuperate after the marathons!

Leshia Doucet said...

That page is a masterclass in spilled brains, right there.

And it's pages like this that really make me go "DAMN, Annette!" Awesome stuff, the both of you.


jasonb said...

Ryan: oh yeah... You would definitely understand. I had a friend ask about your site as he couldn't believe how complete it was. He thought it was official. But your tireless (and endless) updates and tweaking are truly inspiring for me.

But you mentioned exactly what I was going to mention. This page is literally where I said to Annette, "Here's where we destroy the previous style and make it our own!". That's incredibly observant of you.

frenchflo: That reminds me, I really need to print these out and have a look at them. I'm so happy with my Hana. Annette liked her too. Unfortunately, I just checked the image and I think her breasts are a bit big... oops.

Brains: LMAO!!! I forgot all about them! How funny! They just mentioned they wanted it grim and gritty and gory.

Thanks so much everyone!

RyanGibsonStewart said...

Believe me, Hero, my second graders would love the gushing brains. Total car-wreck scenario: you know you should, but you just can't take your eyes off. But is that really something us Mormons should be looking at, Polsons? :)

Big boobs are not necessarily a bad thing ... Besides, I don't know if it's possible to exaggerate quite to the extent that Steven Lejeune did. :)


jasonb said...

HAhahha. I was running around all over the web trying to find a good shot of her to actually get an idea of how big her bust is. I'm pretty sure it's not as big as I drew it. But my attempt still flies under the radar of Steven Lejeune's magnificent effort.