Monday, April 16, 2007

WAR BUDDIES - part 4 page 5

As I mentioned on one of the commentaries, this page is dedicated and inspired by the whacky kids on the 9th Wonders Forums. Basically I was totally burnt out by this stage. I really didn't have a lot left in the tank at all. Then the first part went up and there was an incredibly flattering outpouring of commentary, thoughts, discussion and praise. It really gave me the energy needed to take this page up a notch and take this baby home.

So thank you guys.

So where is panel 2 set? Why the Petrelli mansion of course. It seems that Papa Petrelli had some cash before he left for 'Nam. I believe Ryan was distracted by the picture of the table and chairs hanging behind Papa Petrelli. Why would I put something like that there? Let's just say that's what was in the reference.

Spoiler (highlight over the next bit to see the text): Episodes 19-21 are set in the Petrelli mansion. I wish I could tell you why

Anyway. Enough teasing.

Panel 1 was initially supposed to be set in the mansion. Hence why I didn't draw any stubble on Papa Petrelli. I didn't send Annette any notes and she coloured it like it was set back in 'Nam. In retrospect, I think that's an excellent decision.

Panel 2 has probably been the most controversial as far as my creativity and my drawing inability. It has my weakest illustration to date: baby Nathan (how old is he anyway?). I used an adult for reference and couldn't quite see past the reference to create a convincing child. As it is, he's a little bit freaky. But I (like to think) made up for it by having him play with an angel and a plane. Two things that fly to foresshadow his prediliction for things airborne. It wasn't in the script, but it's the sort of thing I will put in if given the opportunity.

It's probably my favourite bit of nerdery.

Panel 3 is probably one of the strongest character performances I have drawn. Papa Petrelli looks suitably surprised (but chunky!) and Linderman looks so much like Malcolm McDowell here. And I love his look. It's just perfect for the dialogue and how he feels. I'm really happy with Linderman's "performance" on these last two pages.


DALLAS CAPTION (CONT'D): Silenced. Discharged. Ignored. The desire to use Austin's gift for the greater good had destroyed everything I had built for myself in the military.

UPDATE: 4 pages into the 11 page first story which is due on the 25th. It's REALLY easy to draw. I'm having a ball. I get to draw actual characters! Hana, Parkman, Ted and HRG (who I call "Mr Bennett" cos that's his damn name!). It's busting along, but I'm yet to hear back from NBC on the art (I believe it's sunday over there). It's a digital painted style that looks like a fusion between watercolour and digital. I love it, and the people I've shown have been really impressed. I hope they like it, because if they don't I really don't know what to do.

ps more stuff about the process soon! Had too much to rant about on this page.


Jennifer said...

Can I say again how much I loved this page? The last panel especially. Linderman's eyes just jump out of the paper, they're fantastic. The details with the grill on the security door, and the texture on Petrelli's shirt and hand... I'm really glad they've given you 22 more pages to do. Aside from the fact it'll probably drive you batty, I think the more realistic style is better suited to being a television companion, so I hope they keep giving you more work. And Annette can come along with you.

Do you know who's doing part six? And can you give us anymore spoilers? But I suppose that would ruin the fun :P

RyanGibsonStewart said...


Personally, I like your baby Nathan. Small head? So what! I've seen freakier kids...'Sides, it's nice when you go off script and add your own Easter Eggs, like the flying toys.

Over at Heroes Wiki, we were really impressed with the details you used to portray the Petrelli mansion. They look just like the spoiler pictures, right down to the pattern of the fabric. (I guess Mama Petrelli hasn't reupholstered in, what, 40 years?)

THE Bald Bob said...

I agree, your Linderman was amazing. He looks very cold and menacing in the large overcoat.

I'm sure you have it in the script, but it's spelled Bennet. Just looking out for you! Keep up the good work, and I'll keep reading.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

Yeah, the baby was a little freaking-looking but infants have always been my weakness, too.

RE: panel three
My best friend Rob doesn't have a television and is only vaguely aware of HEROES. Without giving him any hints or any indication at all where I was going, I showed him this panel in the online comic and asked him to identify the man in the long coat at the door. Immediately, he said that it looked like Malcolm McDowell sometime around his Clockwork Orange days. BINGO! Everyone seems to agree, Jason, you really nailed it here.


jasonb said...

jennifer: aw, thanks! Annette does the BEST eyes. If you trawl through the back postings you will find a closeup of a post called INNOCENTS cover 2. Check out the eyes on that one. I like the realistic style. I wish I could go MORE realistic. I agree with you. I prefer the realistic artists for the HEROES comics. No idea who is doing part 6! I'm as keen as you guys.

ryan: thanks! HAHAHAH! Yeah, I've seen freakier kids too. Nice to know this one turned out ok. I had no idea those shots had been released. I have some others too. I laughed about the lack of furniture change and reupholstering too. I thought, "Man, this house hasn't changed in 30 years!" LOL!

bob: Bennet! Got it! thanks.

KJC: That's so cool! I'm getting better at likenesses. Look for the Ted, Parkman and BENNET (note correct spelling) ones next time.

AcidBurn133 said...

Bummer you're not doing part 6 of "War Buddies" - I really love your work. I mean, I love all of the novels, but your style just appeals to me. This page was fantastic. I noticed the sofa thing Pa Patrelli is sitting on instantly... wait, we're not supposed to have seen those... whoops. lol. I really loved baby Nathan with the flying toys! I definately smiled when I saw that. Looking forward to next 22 pages, as well. I definately favor your Hana over the other ones we've seen so far. Your ability with likenesses is incredible. Keep up the great work,


Blondehorizon said...

Dude, you rock so hard (and Annette is indeed awesome as well!)

Can't wait to see more from you guys.